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Lack of bottom end power

Discussion in 'Engine and Performance' started by Ronfire, Aug 17, 2018.

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  1. Ronfire

    Ronfire Junior Member

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    Aug 17, 2018
    Merritt B.C.
    Ram Year:
    1998 1/2
    5.9 Cummins 24 Valve
    I have an old hard worked 19981/2 ram 2500 320000 km that used to pull well now it has no Bottom end power. The truck is stock except for the 3" strait pipe no cat or muffler.Things I have tried to fix the issue.
    Had a large crack in the Manifold so I replaced it with a new one.
    I have an in tank fuel pump and can hear it running. Changed fuel filter and had the pump fill the filter when I bled it.
    Set the valve clearances.
    New air filter, the mice chewed the last one up and had some fibers jammed in the sides of the turbo where the silencer ring was, cleaned that out and no damage to the turbo that I could see.
    The turbo turns freely with a slight amount of play .
    Both Sides of the turbo and impellers are connected and tight.
    Has a small 6" wrench and activated the waste gate, it was free moving and sounded like it seated well when released but nor sure if there is enough spring tension. ( might try to wire the waste gate closed and see it that helps ).
    The truck idles well on startup but runs rough when throttled until it warms up slightly (1 min.) then does throttles up as it should.
    When driving and I try to accelerate below 1800 rpm it trows a fair amount of black smoke.
    If I am light on the throttle the truck seams fine.
    I have no code showing on a code reader, have no boost or fuel pressure gauges.
    If the fuel pump becomes weak ( cant see why it would suddenly become less pressure) the VP44 should still give me fuel until it craps out ( had this on an other truck). With the black smoke does that not indicate excess fuel?
    Looked for loose or broken hoses and clamps on the inter cooler. Used a shop vac and blew a large volume of air freely through the inter cooler from the turbo outlet and had good flow and no dirt or debris cumming out .
    I can hear the turbo spooling up at 2100 rpm.
    Cant think of much else to try.
    Will a bad map sensor give me this problem without a code and would it still throw black smoke? ( thought it might defuel it if there was a problem but would then not have black smoke from less fuel)
    The truck drives ok but I will no longer try to tow my horses with it.

    Thanks for any advise and help

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