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LED 3rd Brake Light Cagor Lamps Stay On

Discussion in 'Exterior' started by mwclarksr, Jun 13, 2019.

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  1. mwclarksr

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    Sep 11, 2013
    Mooresville, Indiana
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    4.7L - 287cid
    So I did a search and found information about how to keep the LED Cargo Lamp lights from staying on when the switch is in the off position. From what I read, I need to put a resistor in line to make the cargo lamps work correctly. But here is my problem and questions:

    The aftermarket LED is a sealed unit, so I can't open it up to wire in a resistor. And looking at the pigtail there are 3 different colored wires (I'm including a picture of the pigtail). My questions to those that have done this before:

    1. What resistor do I need to get?
    2. Which one of the 3 different colored wires do I need to connect the resistor to?

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