My Friends Sometimes....

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Sep 12, 2014
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2022 Ram 1500 5th Gen, Big Horn, 4X4, Crew Cab, 6'4" Box
hemi 5.7L, 345 cu in
Was sent a picture of a Ram 3500 DRW with an Eagle Cap 1165 truck bed camper on it with the frame broken....probably have seen this picture floating on the interwebs....

My friend who is a big Ford guy said, "should have bought a Ford" I laughed and said any truck that's overloaded is going to have problems.

Another friend said that the truck wasn't overloaded and that Rams have had several reports of the frames breaking. Then sends another picture of another crew cab long bed Cummins with a big gooseneck pulling a load of cars on it that looked like it was buckled under the weight.

For s#!t$ and giggles I looked up the specs for that slide in camper. That Eagle Cap 1165 has a dry weight of with propane, batteries and what ever the load out in the camper is, more than likely that truck was overloaded. The other picture shows a gooseneck trailer with an over deck above the pin, and it is carrying a Suburban directly over the pin, with a full load trailer....

Maybe it's just me, but being overloaded be the problem...
Friend's either yong or doe snot remeber when Ford did away with twin I beam's.
Lots of bent frames immediately after. In Fact, got to bad, not many places woudl even extend a Ford Frame, due to all the bent frames goign on, at teh time.
My Biological Dad had to swtich over to Dodge, for his extended Tilt Trailer.

Then fell in love with the Fuel Economy of the Ram Diesel vs Ford.
He went back and forth, between brands, since then.