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Need 88/89 w100 engine electrical schematic

Discussion in 'Engine & Performance' started by Ogpro, Apr 30, 2019.

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  1. Ogpro

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    Apr 30, 2019
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    Any body have an engine electrical schematic for this truck?
    Mine is a late mode w100 88/318 tbi but the electrical schematic i have is missing the temp sensor on the tb.
    I beleive it may be late year or early 89 electrical setup.
    I have hot start issues, and twice in 2 years ive had total loss of power.
    Power loss occurred when under load and hot outside temps but engine temp at normal operating temp on guage.
    The temp sensor for guage is new
    O2 replace a few weeks ago as exaust was smelling rich and was a bit under powered.
    Last time couple years back i replaced temp sensor in tb unit because of hot start issues, didnt help any, after good run 10 2 12 miles drive and shut down,
    It has trouble starting, i will turn on ignition listen for idle air solinoid to set watch temp guage on dash rise to mid point on guage then shut down ignition.
    I do this twice then try crank, wait and repeat usually starts third or fort time around.
    Runs fine other wise.
    Other day was hauling 4x8 trailer 2000lb of rock, about 1000 feet from my gate there is a bed of sand i drive through in first gear, half way through it starts bucking, so i clutch and feather through but have severe lack of throttle responce , only a bit of just off idle and then nothing. Its up hill in my drive way
    I get it through the gate and it dies.
    Wont hold idle.
    Like the last time this happened, it sat for a few hours, started right up, drove up the hill and parked it. No problems with drive ability, the radiator was replace 5 years back normal temps 180/190 running range temps were fine when the issue occurred.
    One normal/ abnormal occurrence that happens most days on startup and driving is, as the truck is driving out when warming up, it will get a bit of bump in idle and power after a few minuts, this is not quite halfway to normal temps.
    Im trying to debug this truck and need an accurate electrical diagram of engine compartment.
    As for codes nothing.
    Also, on most of the forums iv seen posted a code list for dodge trucks, that is the list for dodge cars, the truck list has variations like ac fan relay i beleive 34? Is actualy idle control on trucks
    Its the only code i remember but may be wrong.

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