October 2021 Winner - j-b


Congrats to @j-b for his TOTM win!!

Here is some info from the owner:

The Current build is this:

Front Suspension

- Bilstein 5100's set at 2.8

- Zone UCA's

Rear Suspension

- Superlift SL-140 2" lift coils

- Icon 2.0 Shocks

Zone 1.5" Body Lift

Mopar Skid Plates

General Grabber 315/70R17 ATX tires

Ultra Warlock 217 Bronze Black Wheels +1 offset

(Matching Spare)

MotoZ LED Tailights

TRX lights from Cam Simms

Color Matched front headlight facias

Color Matched Bumper Inserts

Color Matched Grille Letters

Hooke Road Prinsu Style Roof Rack with LED Lights

109 Overland Adjustable Bed Rack (My side company that I started in my garage)

TJM Yulara Roof Top Tent with Awning and Annex

Pedal Commander

Bullet Antenna - Adds +15hp instantly

Flowmaster 50 Muffler

I bought the truck brand new a year and a half ago. I've done all the mods myself in that timespan. Some would say I have an unhealthy obsession with modifying my truck... but I'm among friends in a place like this.

Thanks to Air travel being a nightmare these days and finally convincing my wife to go camping. I found a good deal on a roof top tent on FB Marketplace. Not wanting to spend a crazy amount of money on some sort of rack system I decided to make my own. (I had never really done anything with metal at this point....) So I bought a harbor freight welder, a cheap cut off angle grinder and went to town. I discovered I really liked creating things out of metal so I started finding things I could build and get my skills better at. That led to a good friend and I starting up a little shop where we make racks and other custom metal pieces. Shameless plug - 109Overland.com

I really want to thank everyone on this forum for being so helpful! Anytime I've had a question or issue it's answered immediately. The support is crazy here! This truly is a great community.

Also big shout out to [email protected] for always having what I need in stock and fast shipping.