P-000B/P-0014 advice...2010 Ram Hemi 5.7

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Apr 20, 2024
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Hemi 5.7
Hi everyone. New here, seeking some advice.

The backstory: I recently picked up a 2010 Ram 5.7 from my employer. It has/had the MDS system. It came into the shop with engine failure and the shop purchased it from the client. This is the second time this engine failed in the same manner. It was repaired about 10,000 miles ago for the same issue. The intake pistons kissed the valves. The shop replaced the timing set, oil pump, head gaskets and had valve work done on the heads. There was nothing addressed with any lifters, MDS solenoids, or VVT actuator the time.

My story: Upon disassembly, I observed the cylinder 3 lifter roller was frozen up, not moving, and the lobe on the camshaft was wiped out. I observed a bent push rod I observed the camshaft pin had sheared from the VVT actuator, so while engine timing appeared correct by the chain marks, I have no idea where the camshaft was actually at. There was no slack in the timing chain as it was just replaced 10,000 miles ago. I do not know HOW this engine failed, what goes bad first? Lifter? VVT sprocket? Not knowing, I decided to do away with the MDS, so I purchased a complete MDS delete kit from "AMS Racing" which appears to be pretty reputable and I had no issue. I received all the necessary parts to do the job including a Diablo Predator 2 tuner. I also decided to "limit" the amount of travel of the VVT actuator with a Comp Cams limiter thinking that if I did that, it would prevent any future piston to valve issues. What I'm dealing with now is a P-000B and P-0014 codes. I know why they're coming on...it's because the VVT actuator can't reach is commanded value due to the limiter.My mistake was thinking the tuner that was coming with the kit would be able to adjust VVT/spark...it cannot; which I suppose leaves me with a few choices...
  1. Remove the limiter (MDS delete cam, stock specs, will this really help prevent engine damage?) and retain the Diablo
  2. Get a custom tune and try to sell the "divorced" Diablo as it wouldn't be of any use to me
  3. Un-marry the Diablo, try to sell it and get an HP Tuner which I understand can work with spark/VVT
What would you do? Thanks for your advice!
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