Please help with ABS module on 2016


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Jul 28, 2021
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Trying to make a long story short: I believe my truck got damage from lightning. When trying to start it doesn't recognize that the brake pedal is being pushed so it won't start. I had it towed to the dealer two weeks ago and they said the ABS module must be replaced for it to start.

Of course it is on backorder and they told me it would be two weeks to get the part. Now they are saying the estimated date is March of next year for the part and I'm dead in the water. I told the advisor I would locate a salvaged module and he agreed. I took it to him today and the tech says the module is tied to VIN and can only be flashed once and I can't used the salvaged module.

A few questions:

Is there really no way to reflash the module to the new VIN number?
Will the truck at least run without ABS if it's not flashed to at least give me a vehicle to drive?
Anybody had any luck getting the modules refurbished?

Thanks in advance. I just can't go until March without my truck.