Potential Header install on 2012 Ram 1500

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Nov 7, 2013
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Augusta, GA
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HEMI 5.7
I've found a ton if great information in quite a few pinned threads, thanks to all of those that contribute to the wealth of knowledge here!

I have a 2012 1500 Laramie that is sitting at 116k, I've had her since 5k miles, she has been a great truck. I have had to deal with the exhaust bolt issue 3x already, not too bad because I had an aftermarket warranty. Well there are some broke again. I've been reading through all of these pinned post and I had some questions.

I currently have a MOPAR CAI and MOPAR performance exhaust system, which I believe is a rebranded Borla. I like the sound notes of it, I believe I am going to go the long tube header route. I don't know which brand yet: ARH or stainless or other recommendations (not kook for 3k) but I would like to keep the back half of the MOPAR performance exhaust system. How doable is that? Any feedback is appreciated. I do tow a pull behind 34 ft camper trailer that is around 8,500lbs.