Procharged 410ci Ram email tune results - 517whp/769wtq

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    As reported by the owner:

    "Had a chance to get the truck on a dyno this morning. Had about 20 minutes notice to get in truck and show up, so preparation was limited. First pull showed 501 rwhp and 560 rwtg but belt was slipping. After letting it sit for a few minutes and tightening the belt some more, we made another pull. Horsepower didn't change much, only climbing to 517 rear wheel. Torque picked up significantly though as peak numbers climbed into the 700s. I was in disbelief, so we did 2 more back to back runs which also yielded peak torque numbers in the 700s, topping out at 769. All 3 of those runs showed approximately 9 psi. 410" stroker with d1sc procharger on 93 octane pump gas. I'm thrilled to say the least, good work Ryan!"

    10.2 CR
    244/252 115LSA cam
    M1 4bbl manifold
    Accel 1350 cfm tb
    Mopar Midlength Headers
    2.5" duals
    60 # injectors

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