Ram RHO ordering @ Mark Dodge $9K-$11K off MSRP

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Jan 31, 2023
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Mark Dodge CDJR
Greetings friends! Great news, the RAM RHO is now open for ordering. You will not see it on the “build & price” portion of ramtrucks.com, but you can see the overview here: 2025 Ram 1500 RHO | Sport Performance Truck

On our side, the full order guide is not open yet but the software is, so I’ve put together some reference documents on what your options are. You can find them in this folder here: https://sharesync.serverdata.net/us4/s/fLVg5QOzrpPUMvodQlV5c3003f24cd

Now here’s what you all really want to know – the discounts, and boy have we gottem’
MSRP’s Up To $79,999 = $9000 Dealer Discount
MSRP’s $80K-$89,999 = $10,000 Dealer Discount
MSRP’s $90K and above = $11,000 Dealer Discount
Affiliate pricing (we can help you if you’re unfamiliar) will qualify for another 1% off our sale price once validated.
Ram has NOT announced if affiliate will be accepted on this trim level (it is on most, but isn’t on TRX or Hellcats)

All vehicles sold subject to $425 Documentation Fee & $4 Temp Tags, and then your state’s TTL

Please keep in mind – this is PRE PRODUCTION and there may be parts that we are not 100% clear on the fine details, and won’t know until they start getting delivered.
Perfect example would be “red interior accents” I am not going to be able to tell you exactly which little pieces are red, and which are not!
Same goes for timeline – we do not know when they are going to start production. Once you have an order in, we’ll keep you posted on if they start scheduling, or if we’re told anything in the monthly calls.
We also won’t know about aftermarket parts (such as power runningboards) fitment for quite some time
There are no rebates available on these vehicles yet, no lease rates, etc – but you can count on us for that dealer discount!

How to get your quote
First, use this link to review the available options in the documents that we have so far https://sharesync.serverdata.net/us4/s/fLVg5QOzrpPUMvodQlV5c3003f24cd
Send us email to [email protected] listing out what you want to have on your RHO and you MUST include your cell phone # so that when I build it I can call you and walk you through any conflicts.

Since there is no code guide yet, it is going to be a little trial and error in terms of which packages require other selections (like tow mirrors require tow group, but there’s likely more)
I’ll then get your quote all set up and send back to you with build sheet and further instructions

How to order
Once you and I have settled on your final build spec’s, I’ll send you another link where we can gather images of your drivers license and screen shot of credit score.
Then, we’ll get on the phone together and go over the build line by line – ensuring once again that it’s all perfect.
I’ll actually order the vehicle while we’re on the phone

Shortly after, you’ll receive documents showing that the vehicle has been ordered, all of the details of how it was ordered, and documents to sign confirming your price. It’s all digital signing!
Last, you’ll execute a $1000 non-refundable deposit, which goes towards the purchase of the vehicle (reflected on buyers order as a credit)

It’s all as simple as that! We don’t have any other surprise hidden fees, required add-ons or markups, nitrogen tires, everlasting gobstoppers, etc.
Just clean and simple getting you what you want at the most efficient price and process that we can.
The only increases to your price would be your own state’s taxes & registration/title – but we can handle all of that for you in the end.

Then of course, getting the vehicle to you – or getting you to the vehicle.
If you’re going to be within 250 miles of the dealership, we can come and get you, or bring the vehicle to you – no charge for that.
For further distances, we can coordinate the shipping entirely for you, and you simply pay the carrier in your driveway.