Texas Ram Club at TSP Slam II from May 5th 2019

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    It really depends on how each chapter is ran. I run the Central Texas Chapter which covers San Marcos to Waco. I personally try to make sure I post all events to FB and Instagram. To what @Pull Ya asked, the FB chapters are private and are for members only so you would not be able to view those unless you are a member - (even Googling wouldn't provide a result since it's private). However, you can view all posts on Instagram without being a member. For the CTX chapter, I try to post all events on IG, so you would be able to find them without FB. I cannot confirm (all) chapters do that though. I also run our website and try my best to post all events to our calendar, but between running 2 companies and a truck club, I fall short at times. http://www.texasramclub.com/events/

    If you are able to make it to an event in your area, with your chapter, I would say just ask from thereon what the next event would be. If you need help getting connected with chapters other than CTX, let me know and I'll do my best to get you hooked up.
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