Thank you Dodge for the replacable turn/brake sockets


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Aug 3, 2021
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I had a "turn signal out" code flash every now and then for like the past 4 months. It came and went, and not very often. Just often enough to forget all about it (out of sight, out of mind, right)... Inspection came due, and of course I forgot about swapping the bulb. But they caught the error and swapped the bulb. Funny, that's the only thing the truck needed to pass. I had wanted to swap out the last of the non LED bulbs before inspection, but work, life, and yard work happens. But I'm more inclined to swap the remainder of non LED's out now. Today I dropped the tailgate and pulled the tail lights. And as my luck would have it, it ain't a bulb issue. The sockets are well worn, and baked too. You know they're in need of replacing when you hear them cracking by just looking at the sockets. lol Grabbed a set of Dorman replacement sockets (made right here in good old Colmar PA, like 10 miles up the road). If you find yourself in this position, when you pull the original sockets, retain the white isolators, you will reuse them in the replacement sockets. Anyway, this whole socket swap took a whopping 5 minutes. And sitting stationary, or driving, no issues and no codes. Which puts me one step closer to the last of the lighting swap. BTW, all LED lights thus far function as they should. With the exception of the sequential turn signal/puddle lamps. I'm guessing once I get the front and rear LED's in, that issue will resolve itself.


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