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TOTM Rules

Discussion in 'Nominees & Voting' started by G-Ride990, Jul 25, 2020.

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  1. G-Ride990

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    Jul 17, 2017
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    The TOTM Rules are as follows:

    1. You must be an active participant with at least 50 posts to participate in TOTM
    2. For full transparency nominations will take place in a thread under the TOTM Nominees & Voting section so they are visible to all members.
    3. You can nominate anyone by replying to the nomination thread tagging your chosen member with an @ username tag.
    4. If for some reason the Tag system is not working send the TOTM Moderator a PM and it will be it fixed.
    5. Nominations not made in accordance with the rules will be removed.
    6. Staff is not eligible to participate in, or vote for, the TOTM.
    7. The first five (5) fully seconded nominees will be selected for each month’s contest.
    8. Voting will be conducted via a poll in the Nominees & Voting section.
    9. If there is a tie between two members, voting will be extended and members will be invited to participate in a tiebreaker vote.
    10. Nominations will take place the first half of the month and voting will take place the second half of the month before. Roughly 2 weeks each.
    11. Those that are nominated can chose to participate or not. Send a PM to the TOTM Moderator if you wish to not participate and your nomination will be removed.
    12. All selected nominees will need to submit a photo for the current month’s vote by the end of the 3rd week of the month. Nominees should upload their photo to the original nomination thread.
    13. TOTM nominees will not be eligible to participate in the next month’s contest.
    14. TOTM winners will not be eligible to participate for twelve (12) months after their contest win.
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