Vehicle vibration

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Apr 12, 2022
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Cleveland, TN
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I bought new tires, one because it was their time, and two because of the vibration. I had the vibration before the new tires. I bought the Fuels 305x55R20 from the stock 275 wheels. Vibration was the same. I will have to buy that analyzer and and see what comes up. I have a 2 inch lift, so I replaced my stock upper ball joints with ones that curve and fit the extra height as to not wear the old ones even more. So my upper ball joints are relatively new. As are my wheel hub assembly. Can my lower control arm be a culprit?

When I bought the new tires, they only balanced 2 of the tires, so when I went back they found that one of them was "red" they did use one of those balancing machines where it puts pressure onto the tire to check roundness. Should probably go back and tell em to do all 4...

So far, I should get a vibration tool, balance my tires again, check my shocks, axel run out, anything else that may come to mind? At my wits end with this.
Did you ever get your vibration resolved?