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Water in Sill

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Yesterday I had my e-cutout installed, and, decided, as it was nice to install the wiring for it. The best ...

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Default Water in Sill
Yesterday I had my e-cutout installed, and, decided, as it was nice to install the wiring for it. The best route from inside the cabin to the cutout motor was the plug under the rear seat, so I started to work getting to it.

I took off the rear door sill plastic cover so I could get the carpet pulled back only to find water everywhere and the soundproofing was soaking wet.

Anybody have an idea as to how water is getting in there and, the best way to stop it...we hav'nt had rain or snow here for a few days, so, its been there for a while, water had not made its way through to the surface of the carpet.

I have not looked at the state of the other sills yet, but, I don't want them to start to rust.



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Typical culprit is 3rd brake light or rear window.

Soak the water up as much as possible. No need to let it dry. You are about to get it wet and water shows itself quicker if the area is already wet.

Take a water hose or a bucket of water and a cup. Slowly pour water in one area at time until it shows itself. Don't get in a hurry, it may not show up immediately. This may take a while because water may show up in one area and be coming from two feet away.

Hopefully it won't be that hard to find.


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Engine: Hemi 5.7
So, I dont think it is the third brake light, I replaced it the other day and sealed it up tighter than a ducks ass with silicone

Rear window looks to be the likely culprit, I just got around to taking the rear seats out and found this:

going to take the other side of the seats out and take the backing off the rear of the cab then go to town with more silicone.

I am probably going to have to take the front passenger seat out to life the carpets to get them to dry which is going to be a real ball ache as the whole front seat assemble (drivers, center console and passenger) appear to be connected.
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Default window seal leaking
Mine is doing the same thing, haven't found out where it is coming from, i found a spot up by the top right hand corner of the back window on the passenger side that I think is the issue. I called around to see if I could get the seal replaced and was told the window would break and that they would have to replace the whole back glass for about $600. and I got the same answer from multiple shops
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This is an old thread, but it matches what I am having. When it's raining or has been and I get on the road the wind coming over the truck can cause water to run down on the inside of the window and at higher speeds spray away from it a bit. Christmas isn't when I want to have my truck pulled apart, but guessing I'll be pulling the rear seats, floor carpet and window seals apart.
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99% of the time, no matter where you're actually seeing the water, it's the third brake light that's leaking. Take it out, reseal and see if that fixes the problem. It's easy and free.

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my 76 w200 had a rear slider, which leaked, but I never noticed it until it was kinda too late. It had a really nice jute backed HD oem rubber floor mat. The drip was only like one drop every 30 sec or so, but it was enough to soak the jute backing. The rubber held that moisture against the floorboards, and when I finally pulled the mat out, it looked like I had steel termites trying to eat thru the floor. But that's not all, the auxiliary fuel tank was located behind the bench seat back, below the rear window. Well, it had foam strips isolating it from the back panel of the cab. Those strips were soaked, too, and holding the dampness against the tank like that, had eroded pinholes in the fuel tank, too. What a waste.
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ram leaking inside, water inside ram, water rear window

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