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Here you will find news or updates to
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Here you will find recent events from Mopar and
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by allena
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Truck of the Month (3 Viewing)
Here you will find the winners of the TOTM for each month.
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Nominees & Voting
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by BBartow
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Here are the TOTM of the past. You will be able to look but can not post
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Detailing (5 Viewing)
Discuss products, techniques, and all other detailing topics.
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by Pull Ya
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Garage (2 Viewing)
Discuss tools and everything else that happens in the garage.
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by crash68
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4th Gen : 2009 - Present (566 Viewing)
Discuss anything about your 4th generation Dodge Ram truck here.
General Discussions (5917/120644) Lowered (992/16615)
Lifted (4096/60171) Exterior (12332/155044)
Interior (2242/27644) Audio & Electronics (5238/60264)
Engine & Performance (8302/138861) Heavy Duty (1303/29100)
Tech Info (993/7855) 4th Gen DIY (374/17798)
Towing & Hauling (1368/22897) 
43,157 656,893
by arod412
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3rd Gen : 2002 - 2008 (132 Viewing)
Discuss anything about your 3rd generation Dodge Ram truck here.
General Discussions (3224/44112) Lowered (333/4691)
Lifted (1128/12032) Exterior (3056/37181)
Interior (772/7500) Audio & Electronics (1238/11193)
Engine & Performance (4439/50806) Tech Info (784/6516)
3rd Gen DIY (215/2674) Towing & Hauling (180/1360)
15,369 178,065
2nd Gen : 1994 - 2002 (41 Viewing)
Discuss anything about your 2nd generation Dodge Ram truck here.
General Discussion (1763/40678) Lowered (67/778)
Lifted (525/5851) Exterior (1300/14639)
Interior (417/3674) Audio & Electronics (472/3997)
Engine & Performance (2638/25221) Tech Info (742/5333)
2nd Gen DIY (147/1373) Towing & Hauling (69/565)
8,140 102,109
1st Gen : 1981 - 1993 (3 Viewing)
Discuss anything about your 1st generation Dodge Ram truck here.
General Discussions (286/4495) Suspension (67/470)
Exterior (127/621) Interior (35/213)
Audio & Electronics (61/323) Engine & Performance (329/2135)
Tech Info (77/439) 1st Gen DIY (19/117)
Towing & Hauling (8/47) 
1,009 8,860
General Discussions (381/4605) Rotary Pump (5/95)
P Pump (17/105) VP44 Pump (31/319)
5.9 Common Rail (104/894) 6.7 Common Rail (191/1973)
Engine and Performance (134/1491) 
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Discuss the Dodge Ram SRT-10 here.
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Dodge Ram Power Wagon (4 Viewing)
Discuss the Power Wagon here.
269 3,168
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Dodge Ram Rebel Forum (3 Viewing)
Discus the new Dodge Ram Rebel here.
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Here you can talk about the concept Dodge Ram truck - Ram Runner.
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Member Trucks (17 Viewing)
Post up pics of your truck here.
1,623 51,815
Photos & Videos (2 Viewing)
Post photos & videos from events, or meets you have been to.
1,256 24,276
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Photoshop (2 Viewing)
Show off your photoshop skills and post signature requests.
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Dodge Ram Classifieds Forum -Buy or sell your Dodge Ram parts or truck here! - You will need at least 50 posts and be registered here for at least 5 days to post a new thread in the classifieds.
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For Sale (14 Viewing)
Have something to sell? This is the place to do so.
3,317 37,497
Wanted (2 Viewing)
Needing something, find it in here.
1,217 6,971
Truck related eBay or Craigslist deals. This is not a members for sale section.
523 3,630
Only RF staff and authorized members are allowed to conduct group purchases.
9 140

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Introduction (8 Viewing)
Are you new here? Post up a little about yourself here.
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by Curlyp
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The Great Outdoors (1 Viewing)
Talk about anything outdoors from guns, hunting, fishing, and so on
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by UnsatFC
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Regional (1 Viewing)
Post meets, local events, and anything happening or having to do with your area.
Ram Clubs (84/7072) 
646 17,869
by UnsatFC
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All site related comments, suggestions, and questions will be addressed here.
391 3,557
Test your avatars, signatures, and photos.
215 1,081
by jgkreal
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by 1ATony
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Need to customize or repair your Dodge RAM? Check out our selection of parts and accessories at, or give us a call at 800.505.3274 for professional advice.
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Enlight (1 Viewing)
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by mhb1638
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Hemifever Tuning (2 Viewing)
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by emjohn4
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Moe's Performance (3 Viewing)
310 2,975
1 6
HIDs / Projector Retrofitting / Headlight Customization Email [email protected] or text 314-669-HIDS (4437) for a quote!
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WadeStar (1 Viewing)
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