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    • bevans89
      Yea that is what I was saying there are no codes showing since they did a bypass. The truck assumes the air ride is still intact. I have...
    • bevans89
      bevans89 replied to the thread Gen 4 Rebel Build.
      Nice looking truck, pretty close to mine.
    • bevans89
      bevans89 replied to the thread Hemi Tick.
      I had the same issue on mine, I swapped for JBA shorty headers and they still tick.
    • bevans89
      My truck is also ceramic coated literally inside and out. Glass, trim, paint, windows, wheels, undercoated. I have fun with mine but...
    • bevans89
      bevans89 replied to the thread Rebel air suspension.
      I was not a fan of the air ride, ride quality and ended up doing a complete swap due to the nightmare stories I have heard of them failing.
    • bevans89
      Yes, they did an air suspension bypass that lets everything work perfect with no codes. So the truck still thinks it has an air suspension.
    • bevans89
      Hey everyone, I finally found a shop to help me out on this since I had to do mad research to even figure it out being there aren't...
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