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Oct 31, 1994 (Age: 24)
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dodge dude94

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Jun 27, 2019
    1. Suzette
      Does anyone know how or if the back up camera will beep when you get to close on a 2019 Dodge Ram 1500? if yes, how do you turn it on?
    2. sparkman7x7
      This has happened 4 times in the last year. I will park my Ram, close the door, press the little button on the door handle to lock it up. Later I come out and find the battery completely drained? This happened twice over night. The other two times my wife has caught the glow of the dash lights through the window. I went outside to find the center display illuminated and doors locked. anyone else had this issue?
    3. barryjay
      I truly believe in K&N filters but I recently went to purchase a HP-1017 K&N Oil Filter from Amazon and saw that several people had trouble with oil leaking from the filter. I would like some feedback on the best oil filter for my 2018 Ram 5.7L SLT Big Horn
    4. Dan Pashley
      Dan Pashley
      Hello and happy 4th ! I own a 2019 Dodge Ram 2500, 6.4, long bed. Lookin to level vehicle but would like to lower rear vs raising front. Can this be done? if yes, how? Am I correct that 2.5" is the space to address? TY Dan
    5. Alfredo
      I have a 2010 Laramie running roughly it as check engine that flashes and beeps,run scanner it said cylinder 1 misfire,replaced coil and spark plug still running rough,any help I'm appreciate I'm new at this forum,thanks
    6. Alfredo
    7. Zero-fox
      How would I add a pic for my icon
    8. Robert Camp
      Robert Camp
      I just bought after market LED Tail lights for my 2016 Dodge Ram 1500 with LED factory headlights, installed them and now i am getting a message saying my left and right blinkers are not working what do i do
      1. Bennyrok
        you might want to consult diode dynamics about a canbus for the taillights.
        Jul 8, 2019
    9. THAHULK
      Thank you for responding. I've searched endlessly the past couple weeks trying to figure out what to do. I talked with my mechanic last night, and he said he may be able to wire it up so I can use the lights. He'll have to take a look and see how they are wired up first. So we'll see what happens. Thanks for the info..
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    10. THAHULK
      Hi dude. I have an 01 Ram Laramie, and I'm doing the sport headlight conversion. I was told that you were familiar with the LMC wiring harness? If so, can you tell me if it's any good? I've read mixed reviews about it. Issues with the lights not working right with fog lights etc. High beams staying on when on low.. Just trying to make the right decision. I got my headlights today. Looking forward to the install. Just looking for the best plug and play harness. Any help would be greatly appreciated..

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    Oct 31, 1994 (Age: 24)
    East Texas
    none at the moment.
    Ram Year:
    1998 Ram 1500
    5.9 Magnum

    guns, my trucks, my bikes..oh and some pc gaming


    1998 Ram 1500 4x4 QCSB, 360- ebay plenum,
    Cloyes 3028X, 14in Maggy, DIY CAI, DIY 50mm TB,
    TransGo shift kit,
    ORE Springs, Bilstein 5100s, 285's, LED headlights
    October 2014 - August 2015 TOTM Winner
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