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Moe's Performance, from Conroe, TX

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Jul 21, 2018 at 11:35 PM
    1. Bama1781
      Looking to get a price on a Ported TB and S&B intake for my 17 5.7 ram. shipped to Alabama
    2. polock48
      Hi, can you quote me a price on a Pedal Commander? 2015 Ram 1500 Laramie 5.7
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    3. tpmccsd
      Method Grid 17x8.5 w/ Nitto Ridge Grappler 35x12.50x17s.....

      These still available?
    4. AFMoulton
      Hey Matt, I am looking to get a Mag Hytec Rear diff cover for my '16 Ram 1500 4x4, is the 12-9.25 the correct one? I know its a ZF rear end vs the old 9.25 Chrysler rear end. Also is there any after market Transmission Pan offered for the 8HP70 yet? Thanks.
    5. HammerHead
      Hey Matt what shipping method do you use for your LT headers?
    6. darrenresa1988
      looking for the 87mm throttle body and 4.56 gears (and the kit) for a 2016 6.4L 2500 megacab. Shipped to Alaska, zip code 99709. I called and left a message but havent heard anything back
    7. Slainte06
      Looking to get cost on the 5" tips for my Ram Rebel 1500, shipped to Florida. Thanks Guys.
    8. Hemi395
      Thanks for the info and the quick response!
    9. Hemi395
      I have a tuning question, I'm looking at a Diablo I2 DCX w/Hemifever for my truck (2013, 1500, Hemi, 65RFE, 3.55s, Mufflex is only perfomance mod) but I'm wondering if this will decrease the longevity of the engine/trans with the modification of torque management? Also, are there canned tunes included like MPG, Towing, etc? Thanks!
    10. toolndie
      Hemi450hp, I have a 2013 ram 1500 5.7L HEMI. I am at 83000km (51,000 Mi.). I realize i am over the recommended spark plug change interval of 30,000Mi. I was wondering what my best option for spark plug is. I would rather not put the stock plugs back in and have to replace them again after another 30,000, but I do not want to cause harm or hinder performance with iridium plugs.
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    2017 Ram 1500
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    2011 Ram 1500 - 11.99 @ 110.66MPH N/A
    2011 Ram 1500 - 11.09 @ 120.13MPH Nitrous
    2014 Ram 1500 - 12.38 @ 109.61MPH N/A