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Apr 22, 2021 at 5:03 PM
Jan 8, 2015
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St. Louis

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Senior Member, Male, from St. Louis

Sorry if I don't respond to profile posts, I didn't realize they turned on this feature. For a quick response, please PM me. Dec 10, 2019

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    1. KaseyJc
      I have an odd one for you if your interested. I got a T style radio for my 2016 ram. Non of the heated seats/wheel option were on so they had had me turn on hi. Heated seats don't work but whats really odd is the controls on the radio. Pressing them does nothing except the passenger heat. That one changes as it should and cycles through the options however the seat still does not heat. Any ideas?
    2. hopkinslarry
      I found powernet 2019+ on my Alpha OBD program but that is only available if I opt for Ram 1500. Are you saying you used that on a Ram 2500.
      Just asking before I try ;it.
      Hello, I have the same problem (27. November 2018 # 198 with my JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE 2016 . Can you please send me a link to a newer firmware?
    4. SitKneelBend
      Sorry if I don't respond to profile posts, I didn't realize they turned on this feature. For a quick response, please PM me.
    5. hemi lover
      hemi lover
      Hi I just joined and I was following your information on the Tesla like displays. It seems to be about two or three main guys. phoenix linkswell and carsoll.
      Could you maybe narrow down who and what would be the best running so far in your opinion. I;m pretty tech savy not afraid to get my hands dirty but I don't want ot come back here and ask you a million questions after I buy this product. lol thanks in advance.
    6. Jose Zambrano
      Jose Zambrano
      Hey how is it going? You helped me out last month with getting my Tesla style radio working properly. Thanks for that, I was wondering if you can help me with rooting my radio and see if this will help with my car launcher pro. I have it set as default but sometimes it wont open it and just stays at the pink mountain background.
    7. carterdcat
      I lost the file in an update. Phoenix has bs me for a month. can you help please
    8. carterdcat
      SitKneelBend. I seen on one of the android forums You help fix an Phoenix Android Radio. It lost its ability to control the hvac. I did an update. Trying to get backup cam working. With no luck. But in the Process I lost hvac . I have 2018 Ram 3500. The file 860c_kwy_e130
    9. Aprim
      So could you tell me the best t-sytle to get and from where?
      So the Linkswell is the only one I can change the mic with?
    10. jimn2tdi
      I have a 2014 with an 8.4 AN and would love to get the file as well. Thanks!
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