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Permanent Seat Repair DIY

This is a discussion on Permanent Seat Repair DIY within the 3rd Gen DIY forums, part of the 3rd Gen : 2002 - 2008 category!
I don't know about a lot of you guys, but the driver's seat in my 07 had a HUGE tear ...

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Default Permanent Seat Repair DIY
I don't know about a lot of you guys, but the driver's seat in my 07 had a HUGE tear in it. Me being only 5'9", sliding in and out of my truck, I wore a hole completely through the seat cover and foam, all the way to the seat frame

I did a little research, and here is what I did:

I purchased a "new" foam padding and seat cover from another forum that was parting out a truck

I then went to Hobby Lobby and bought some 1" foam, spray glue, and a yard of burlap.

What creates the holes is on the seat frame there are welds that have very rough bungs, that with the friction of you climbing in and out, wears through the foam creating the issue.

The first step then was cutting the burlap and gluing it to the bottom of the foam padding, giving the foam a protective layer between it and the seat frame.
I don't have any pics of this, but cover the entire bottom, giving emphasis to the two sides where the foam sits on the frame. (I used 2 layers in the circled areas)

The next step isn't a requirement, but it is definitely nice.
I could have just replaced everything at this point, but I figured that since I had it taken apart, I may as well add some padding.

I used the 1" foam and cut the shapes of the pads on the seat. (You kind of have to wing it, as there is no really easy way to trace them.) I just measured them and cut and trimmed until the were pretty close. I used a utility knife and a hot knife to cut the foam. Then use the spray glue to glue the new foam on top of the foam padding.

From here, I washed the cover, so that it went on clean.

After everything was ready it was time for the tear down. Pay close attention to how all of the clips from the seat cover are attached to the seat frame. I had a lot of trouble getting the front one back on, but eventually managed after fighting with it for a little while.

I have a power seat, so when you do this, make sure to get the correct seat cover for a manual or power seat when you purchase your parts. To get the cover off, you need to remove the covers for the controls, and the handle on the seat adjuster.

After I got the original cover and foam off, I took a hammer and a file to the welds on the seat frame and smoothed them out a little bit.

Instead of fighting with stuffing the new foam and cover back under the back of the seat, I popped the back loose and got it out of the way. It takes a Torx bit on both sides. Once the bolts are loose, just pull up on the back and it will fall back.

Make sure that before you put the clips back on the seat cover, to put the Torx bolts back in the seat back.

After that, it is all put back together the way it came. I was able to do it all myself, it is a pain, but manageable. You may need to stretch and pull on the cover to get it to sit right so you can clip everything back together.

My finished product DOES NOT look factory. The 1" extra foam definitely shows, but I purchased enough foam and burlap (1 yard will do both sides) to do both of my front seats, it will even out. It rides incredibly! It feels like I am rolling down the road in a 3/4 ton, 8,000 lb, diesel Rolls Royce!

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Very nice DIY.

Of course, you could always do your hammer and file refinements and then buy leather Katzkin replacement seat covers for the front.

I'd rather push a RAM than suffer with anything Gimmy-built

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Originally Posted by Casper View Post
Very nice DIY.

Of course, you could always do your hammer and file refinements and then buy leather Katzkin replacement seat covers for the front.
Haha I coulda done that... but Katzkin cost money...

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Nicely done. So far my seats are just a bit dirty from use and do not need a lot of work but I will keep this in mind.
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Great DIY! My driver side is destroyed and need replacing, was going buy 4th gen seats but may just do this now! Thanks man
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Just bought my 04 and it has exact hole as yours has. The 2000-2004 Tundras have the same issue (slightly different location) and most of it comes from the "climb-in".

You could also put a 1/8 - 1/4" layer of tyrelene (cheap stuff) that's more of a fibre between the foam and steel just to help control the foam flex.

also, just as a little upholstery trick... if you boil water (steamer or a kettle to a point it has a nice plume of steam coming out of it), you can run the foam through the steam and it will unlock all the internal static cling and return the foam to its original state.

Works on all foam (mattresses, seats, kitchen chairs, sofa cushions). Its a cool little trick to revive foam to its original look and "squishiness".

Also, make sure whatever foam you use has a fire resistance similar to R45 foam.

just some thoughts
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Thanks for the post. My 08 Mega 2500 has a very simalar problem. But it's not worn right through, just the foam has been pushed over so that my butt hits the steel frame. I will be doing this fix soon.
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I just did this tonight. I am not sure that I could have done it without removing the seat. The side plastic on both side makes the side seat clips inaccessible. I did not see any good post on how to remove seat. I removed the seat from the rails by removing 6 nuts from underneath in the chair rail channel. I removed the seatbelt with large torq bit and unplugged the seat electric components. I replaced with stock OEM foam and cover. I was asked for my vin when ordering foam. I was told based on the model it was required to check based on the restraint system or air bags. With the new WeatherTech mats and seat the interior looks nice again. Next up is installing a Pioneer avic-930bt in the OEM nav bezel I ordered.

If anyone has any questions that I can help with this regarding this seat repair process let me know. I did take a couple pictures during the process
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I just repaired my driver's seat cushion using these instructions and it was very easy. I did not have to take the seat out to replace it and it looks and feels great. I want to thank the people of this forum for saving me a lot of time and money.
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there are a numbers of areas that might be ( to others ) photos .. all I see is a reference to "3rd party hosting" and a sort of dial ......I am new .. guess I am missing something
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ram seat repair, seat repair diy

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