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    1. b4994bd
      how do i post on here asking a question
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      2. Adam lowers
        Adam lowers
        Trying to figure out the same thing over here...
        Dec 23, 2017
    2. warwagon98xj
      do you have your pics from the projector install? they dont load on the forum for me
    3. Marcoc
      Any idea when your HID 6k plug and play kit is available? Is this a better solution than a projector style headlight? I have a 2015 with the quads. Thanks.
    4. dodgetruck777
      Hi there, I have owned dodge trucks since 1979 and very pleased with my DODGE experience, today I am looking for answers as to why Dodge dealer and the the Chrysler Corporation can not deliver a shift control cable they sold me on July 30 2015 to date i visited the local dealer monthly and they say next month, for four months my truck is out of service... what can I do?
    5. Bigdaddy
      Hey Mr. Jemery, I'm looking for a wire harness for my projector and since I didn't have them in the beginning and now I have them I wanted to get one. Clad sent them but sent me the wrong harness for it so until I can get a different or the right ones I want to install the projector now. You know how it is when you get something new for the truck you want to get them install like yesterday. Thank you I will go to your website and take a look also but I just want to get the right ones.
    6. bluesfan68
      JJ, new here and see that you are the resident lighting guy. Just have a few questions . I have the 13 sport w/ projectors and was curious about what bulb is used in these. I 'd like to go a little more Blue if that's even possible. Also, is the an add on for daytime driving lights? Like a led that goes across the bottom of the lense ? I had an 11' Sport and it took the reg. bulbs so now these have thrown me a bit. Also, I see you are from Florissant . Well so am I , I am sure we have crossed paths , I am off Graham rd . right by St. Anthony . Thanks for any help.
    7. Inside Man
      Inside Man
      JJ. Starting to put together a list for my retro quad setup. I like the look of the double projector lamp set up for high and low beam. What projectors am I going to need for the lows, and what can I fit in the highs? Also, I want to go with angle eyes on both the high, and low shrouds so what shrouds should I go with? What's the best way to integrate demon eyes into my projectors? What relay kit am I going to need to turn the demon eyes and angle eyes off when I turn the headlamps on. I like Haywood's set up. And what kit am I going to need to hook these up to my 2011 long horn. I want to do this one time so quality is going to be number one. I'll be sure to purchase from you so if something comes up and I have any questions, we will be on the same page. Also, do you do military discounts? I'll be stopping by your store soon to start purchasing after I hear back from you with the required equipment. Thanks for your time JJ. I know it's valuable.
      Inside Man
    8. badfish888
      JJ, Hey man. I've been on here quite a while and seen that you are the go-to lighting guy. So. As of now. I have a 2012 express. Non quad lights. My wife and I both agree that the light just don't do it. Alaska is dark.......a lot. And we plan on driving a lot at night when I transfer to virginia in 4 months. I currently have silvanias. In the heads. And stock fogs.

      What do you recommend as far as brighter, easiest installation hid for heads. And a drop in replacement for fogs. Part numbers would be awesome. I'm not looking for brighter than the sun. Just a clean bright white
    9. dreams1019
      JJ, do i need a resistor for both parking and turn wires on the 2014 the 3157 bulbs front turn/marker lights for my LED bulbs I have the hyperflash on the dash and the messages saying left and right turn signal bulbs out that would be a total of 2 resistors per headlight? I have searched this and could no get an answer just wanted to know what to buy and how many needed
    10. Recontango
      Well JJ, I traded my 13 black laramie for a new silver limited. You had painted my tails and stop lamp black candy for me, but now I am interested in how some silver like candy turned out on your truck tails. Do you have any pics?

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