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    6.7L ..... Worth It?

    I pulled my 12,000-pound + fifth wheel from CA up to WA and finally down to AZ a lot of mountain driving. I got 14 MPG average, and I really like the engine brake. Now we are settled in Star Valley, AZ and I drive to town a couple times a week, 4 miles one way. my engine and tranny seem to warm...
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    Ready for a laugh?

    I used to cook my lunch on the engine of a Caterpillar 966. One time I forgot my Beenie weenies, and it blew up. What a mess
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    The new Cummins oil requirements

    The Chrysler Ram dealership here in Payson uses Shell Rotella 15/50 That's what I've been using since new, even in Washington state it was the same.
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    Which tires will not vibrate? 35x12.5r20

    I put a set of Hercules M/t's on my truck. They are a little noisy now not so bad when new. I wanted the Patagonia's but could not get them at the time. They seem to have good traction off road and on the highway. Next time I'll hold out for the Patagonia's.
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    power running boards

    My wife is 5'2" and I'm 6' and we had the AMP steps put on. They are wonderful. The Arizona rocks are like pea gravel and they stick to everything, get into the hinges and make a lot of noise. I haven't seen any damage yet.
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    Hello from Phoenix, AZ

    Welcome from Payson. Nice Vette, Trucks not too bad either.
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    I drive the truck after I have good oil pressure. 2015 Ram 2500 HD 6.7 Cummins. When I go to town a couple times a week, I stop at the dumpster to offload garbage. While I'm at the dumpster I use the cruise to set the Idle at 1000 RPM's. then drive normal. I use the button on the gear shift to...
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    NAV updates not free?!?!

    I bought our 2015 laramie 2500HD new and it had a 5 year free update plan and I haven't renewed it. Paying for updates on a $70000 vehicle is ridiculous.
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    How to disable deployable running boards?

    My wife and I love our retractable running boards. She's 5'2" and I'm 6 ft. When we bought our truck it had no running boards and was really hard to get in and out.
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    RV Towing Newbie

    As a former Log truck driver, I would only tow with a 3/4 ton or bigger diesel, I love the engine brake on mine.
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    Stock 2500 cummins 35 inch tires

    My 2015 stock 2500HD came with 20" rims A I just put on a set of Hercules 35/12.5-20 Mud tires and NO rubbing. They're starting to get a little noisy with some mileage on them, but I don't mind a little noise.
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    What is the best oil recommended

    Assembling airplane engines, we used a 50-50 mixture of STP and engine oil, worked pretty good never had a failure.
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    What inspired you to buy a RAM truck?

    I bought my first Ram in 2006. It was a 98 5.9 diesel. I traded my 92 Nissan 4x4 king cab. After I got a decent settlement from Workers Comp. I bought my 2015 Ram 4x4 Laramie long bed for $55,000. The dealer found $13,000 in discounts. We tow our fifth wheel with it. I especially love the engine...
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    Disappointed 2022 2500 CTD

    You can thank the EPA for this BS.
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    Front bumper replacement.

    Has anybody replaced their front bumper and kept the original? I hit a pole at Walmart and put a big dent in it. I can't afford a new replacement, shipping is as much as the bumper.