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Feb 23, 2017
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    1. Munkie
      Hello, I have read over your responses to the proximity handle questions. I am still having trouble wrapping my mind around it so I figured a PM would be easiest. I have a 2500 2021 with keyless entry push start and remote start...what would it take to add the proximity?
      thank you in advance!!!
    2. RarinCard
      Hey Jimmy I’m trying to figure out the keyless start for my Ram and I was reading your write up and I’m unable to locate another truck like mine that has the keyless start (16 ram tradesman) if you can give me some help that would be greatly appreciated
    3. Dapk
      Hey Jimmy, Your were recommended to me about doing a custom harness to get the CVPM and 360 cameras running. Can you help me out?
    4. John Jensen
      John Jensen

      Mike (mpgrimm) suggested I contact you regards my 2020 Ram 3500 Cummins.

      It has cargo and rear cameras. What do I need to do to put a front camera on this new truck? I'll probably go with Crimestoppers License Plate 300 camera as that has been great on my 2016 .
      It has the 12" screen. I have AlphaOBD .
      And I just received the Security Module Bypass harness from Mike.

      Awaiting your input, thanks
    5. djcwardog
    6. Darrell Curtis
      Darrell Curtis
      Jimmy had another question, I got my OBD link mx and the paid Alpha program, but cannot find force regen or at least nothing to do with regen, would it be called something else?
    7. xpack109
      Hello sir, I’m trying to get ahold of the fella from alfaobd how did you accomplish this? I’m trying to connect to my Jeep (jl)
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