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Nov 11, 2019 at 7:34 PM
May 1, 2015
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Ricks Ram

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Nov 11, 2019 at 7:34 PM
    1. Mprimasing
      Hey stud muffin
    2. Csixer66
      Hey Rick, Im looking to get a harness to add a Cargo Camera to my 2015 factory 8.4. I belive you make these harnesses? I already have Alpha so turning it on will be the easy part. Please let me know what they cost or what I have to do. Or if I got the wrong person. Lol

      Thanks Rick
    3. CoZo6
      I have a 2017 Bighorn with RA3 and I’m looking for a 2017 RA4. I see that you’ve sold many in the past and wondered if you can hook me up. I am aware as you point out many RA3s are converted and I’d prefer not to go that route. I didn’t see where I could PM you instead of this way.
    4. Gerald Boyne
      Gerald Boyne
      how would i get the activation code? i had a 2015 Ram 3500 Limited with cd player in the console. Truck was totaled by a tree last fall. I found a 2016 Ram 3500 Limited, but, it did not have a cd player so i had my mechanic swap consoles including all wiring for cd player and reconnect into my new truck. cd player powers up and ejects cd, but, no app to control or play cd's appears in my menu anywhere?
    5. walker111
      Do you know of a write up for the AlfaOBD power fold mirror setting? Thanks
      Hi posted last night but wrote to much 2017 express crew cab donor truck 2014 larmie crew cab Have factory plugs from donor matched wire colors all correct hard key. Heated did work but air bag light on took to dealer now nothing fixed air bag.
    7. Matthew Lippman
      Matthew Lippman
      Hi, you seem like you know what your talking about, maybe you can help.
      I've got a 2010 Laramie with heated only seats and I'm trying to swap in some 13 Laramie cooled seats, unfortunately the plug was already cut off the 13 seats and I'm struggling to find a pinout diagram so I can wire the plug from the 10 seat on to the 13 seat. Anything helps, please my head's about to pop!
    8. Mike81
      I to am doing a seat swap. I have a 2017 tradesman manual seats and picked up a set of 2012 black Laramie limited edition seats. They are the 10 way power adjustable and are heated and cooled. The plugs are different from my truck to the seats. Do you know of a harness that would be plug and play for the seat function?
      Thank you for any info.
    9. camdlstire
      I was reading in one of your forums you posted on and you've done the switch from cloth to leather heated seats... I just bought myself some leather heat/cooled seats out of a 2015 Ram 1500 Laramie and am going to install them into my 2011 1500 Big Horn. My question is, what aftermarket parts do I need to install the heat/cooled options?
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    Ram Year:
    Hemi 5.7


    2014 Quad Cab Express 4x4 3:92 LSD 8 speed with 32 Gallon fuel tank.
    Upgrades are, Premium Cluster, RA4 Upgrade,Heated /Ventilated Seats,Heated Wheel upgrade. ATC climate upgrade, Power sliding rear window,Homelink, 6" BDS lift Bilstein 5100 shocks set one notch up, 20x10 Chrome fuel Hostage wheels,Toyo Open Country AT Extreme 35x12.5x20 tires.