1500 classic

  1. B

    Upgrades capable of towing maximum

    OK so here is the thing. I bought my Ram 1500 Classic 6cyl 3.6 in May of last year not thinking I was going to haul anything ridiculous besides the occasional hauling or doing basic home upgrades needing drywall. Well things happened and we decided to get into food vending. We came across a...
  2. KevsRam23

    2023 classic 1500 headlight bulbs suggestion?

    Hi guys, Looking to get brighter lights to replace my halogen bulbs on my new 2023 Ram classic. Looking for some suggestion for bulbs in led or halogen. Not looking to replace housing yet. As my fiancé would not be happy as we have a wedding to save for ;) However I want brighter lights...
  3. the_ksphoto

    My Dream Truck

    Hi all! I have loved and wanted a Ram truck of my own since I was 17yrs old and I finally bought one for myself for my 45th bday in August! Used 2015 so I had to give up some bells and whistles I am used to in previous vehicles to keep within budget buy I am over the moon and I named her...
  4. K

    LED Upgrades Experiences - Good & Bad

    I wanted to share some specific experiences I have personally had with LED upgrades and I believe a thread summarizing other people's experience could be valuable. As I'll describe below, I have some experience using two different brands and while I'm very happy with my lights, it would have...
  5. Merlinsram

    Low Volume Paint Help!

    Hello all, first post here. I have been considering making an order for a 2022 Ram 1500 Classic, I want to go with the color Light Green (same as the U.S. Forest Service used). This color is a Low Volume paint, so it needs 10 orders to be put into production, I have been calling all around and...
  6. F

    Lift for 2019 classic

    Hello all, I’m looking at lifts for my 2019 1500 classic 2wd and was wondering if a lift for a 4th gen would work or if I need to specifically look at ones for the 2019 classic. I know they share a lot of components but I wasn’t sure if it was everything.
  7. BakedMech

    Front Bumper Rub

    Hey All, Has anyone run into this problem before? It looks like where the upper and lower bumper come together there is some rubbing causing the paint to scrape. This is on the driver's side. On the passenger side I can fit a finger in the crack, on the Driver's side I can not. Any ideas...
  8. J

    Ram UConnect

    I have a 2021 ram 1500 Classic and it has the small radio. I wanted to upgrade to the full size one. I know i need to change the bezel but aside from the bezel is there anything else i need? Can i upgrade to any 8.4 uconnect? Can i do one with apple carplay or like the ones from the new...
  9. Egv420

    2019 1500 Classic WILL 35s FIT.?

    I have a 2019 1500 classic 4x4 with a 2.5 inch front leveling kit. I am currently running method 301s 17x8.5 on 33x12.5r17 RDR MTs. Will 35s fit without rubbing.? Looking into 35x12.5r17 Geolandar MT Will I have to cut or trim anything.?
  10. P

    Towing + MPG (1500 Classic Tradesman 2x4)

    I have a ‘21 1500 Classic Tradesman 2x4. It’s done me great. I’ve had it about 6 months and 17000 miles. I drive a TON, so MPG is very important. (More important than monthly payments to a large extent.) I can get (driving conservatively) 24mpg on the highway w my 1500, but towing takes it down...
  11. P

    2022 Ram Classic 1500 shopping

    Hello collective wisdom of all things Ram, So I'm shopping two different dealers and trucks. One has a basic 1500 classic 4x4, 3.6L, coming next week, it has the 17 inch rims and tires and 3.21 rear. The other dealer has the same truck with a few more options with 3.55 rear and 20 inch rims and...
  12. BakedMech

    New Headlights and Taillights for 21 1500 Classic

    Hey Guys - This is my first post. A few Months ago I bought a 21 Ram 1500 Classic and am in Love with my Truck. The only part I am not completely loving is my headlights and taillights. I would love to swap them out for something sharper looking. I love the lights on the 5th Gen just not the...
  13. ADWarlock20


    I am new to the forum. I came from a 3rd gen RCLB 5.7, and bought my first brand new vehicle last year: my 2020 Warlock 5.7 Quad Cab. It just hit 20k miles after 14 months of ownership. Things I have added to it: - Firestone Coil-Rite air helper spring kit - Dualliner bed liner - Bought a set...
  14. Q

    Wheel Spacers with NO level/lift

    Hey Guys, 2020 1500 classic - 275/60/20 Duratracs on the stock black wheels. I’m looking to widen my stance out a bit with 1.5” spacers but I’m wondering if I will be able to clear without rubbing on the fenders. Anybody done this yet or is a level/lift necessary for any spacer use?
  15. lipidboy

    Difference in HP between Ram 5.7 and Durango 5.7?

    Why is my 2015 5.7 rated at 395 horsepower but the 5.7 in the Durango is rated 370?
  16. B

    looking for Grille Guard for Ram 1500 Classic Warlock

    We have a customer who has been looking for a grille guard (preferably full replacement) for his 2019 Ram 1500 Classic Warlock. Every manufacturer/distributor I've called says they don't have/make Front end replacements or grille guards for that truck! This is my last resort. SOMEONE here has to...
  17. John Calderon

    Brush guard?

    Anyone have any recommendations on brush guards?