1. D

    2020 with Stock 18" Wheels, 37x12.50?

    I have a 2020 3500 4x4 with a Carli pintop lift. I'm running 37x10.50 tires at the moment without issue, but the tires are wearing down and I'd like to go with 37x12.50s, specifically Kanetti Armor Hogs. Is there any chance I'll be able to run these on the stock wheels without serious...
  2. MartyZ

    2014 2500 with 6" BDS Lift and 37" 13.50s

    Here is my latest truck, 2014 with 38k and no rust (Michigan Native) Running 37 x 13.50 Toyo Open Country M/Ts mounted on 20" Moto Metals. 6" Makes my 2020 Lease look like a baby. Hahah
  3. Harley1200

    1500 - 37s and 4 inch or less lift Q&A + Pics

    Anyone have experience or pics of 37 inch tires with a 4 inch or less lift? I won't be driving this every day and want capability for some off-roading. I'm set on going with 37s, for more clearance, and want minimal lift height. I'll use an aftermarket bumper to allow for clearance (probably...
  4. B

    Rack and pinion split in half!

    Has anyone had any issues with their rack and pinion body cracking?