4" lift

  1. BigBlackHorn

    Spacers needed w/4” zone lift on stock wheels?

    I didn’t see this specifically discussed anywhere, but forgive me if I overlooked it. I have a 2020 Laramie(new body) with stock 20” wheels. I just ordered a 4” Zone lift from Nick and I’m planning on running 35x12.50R20 Discoverer ST Maxx on stock wheels. Will I need spacers with that setup...
  2. NickyLenz


    I've been losing my MIND trying to find replacement Front sway bar end links for my 2011 Ram 1500 4x4 with a 4" rough country lift, and even though i'm trying my hardest to replace parts as they go with ANYTHING BUT RC, i cant even find just the end links even through rough country. Can someone...
  3. Harley1200

    1500 - 37s and 4 inch or less lift Q&A + Pics

    Anyone have experience or pics of 37 inch tires with a 4 inch or less lift? I won't be driving this every day and want capability for some off-roading. I'm set on going with 37s, for more clearance, and want minimal lift height. I'll use an aftermarket bumper to allow for clearance (probably...
  4. Usazjz86

    2015 4x2/4" Rough Countrty Lift & Level/Re Gearing Question

    looking for some advice on re gearing my 2015. I just recently got a 4" RC Lift w/ leveling done and went with Toyo ATs 285/70/17 in 35s. Love the ride and look, but have already notice some power loss and decrease in gas mileage. I knew this would happen in advance but wasn't sure how much to...
  5. MK96

    4" or 6" lift with Rancho quicklift loaded struts

    After going through many lift threads and looking at many pics over here I'm steel confused. I'd like to lift my truck and either go 4" or 6" more likely Zone kit or less likely Fabtech kit. Rancho struts seem not to be adjustable as Bilsteins, though I'd like to keep the front Rancho struts...