1. D

    UOA - Pennzoil Ultra Platinum PUP 5w20 w/5k miles

    Just thought I'd share my Blackstone oil analysis report with PUP 5w20 and a Fram XG10060 oil filter. This was the 2nd oil change, first one was done at 3k miles. I'm surprised at the additives still left at 5k miles (TBN 4.7). I live in WI, park outside, and drive +75% hwy. I'm running...
  2. rwreuter

    Blackstone - used oil analysis

    I have searched the forum and have not seen this....if it does exist, moderators please delete. I have seen on other forums that there was a Blackstone used oil analysis thread. A thread for members to post UOA on for everyone to see. I am waiting on my next oil change, then I will be...