1. Cowboy2856

    New here, got some issues..

    Hey yall, just joined this forum. Iv got a 01 1500 5.9 auto that has some issues I'm having trouble diagnosing. It does run but it has cause for concern, any and all help would be appreciated.
  2. B

    New truck, leaks & rattles, sprayed in the face with water driving down highway...

    TLDR/Summary: Purchased dream truck, RAM 3500 Limited, H.O. Mega Cab, slapped a ceramic coat on it, and had a beautiful piece of eye candy for a few hundred miles, then came rattles, squeaks, and ultimately a leak that sprayed me in the face while driving down the highway. This same leak caused...
  3. F

    Rattle/Buzzing sound coming from steering column

    Noticed a rattling sound/Buzzing in my 2016 rebel that sounds like it is coming from steering column or under the instrument cluster on left side. It only occurs at higher speeds (55 mph and up) and doesn't always rattle. Needless to say I cannot locate it and it drives me batty when it happens...
  4. DaKing

    Rear cab vents, Bass and Flapping

    I have some subs in my truck. I have 2 rear vents molded in to the back of the cab. ( all trucks have these vents with rubber flaps) The audio IN the truck sounds awesome. The audio in front sounds great. However, if standing next to rear or side of truck, it sounds like crap. The issue is...