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    1. ramguy11111
      Hey Burla,

      Running 5w20 PUP and Wix sp filter . No issues. Truck Hemi at 24k. Keep it going or switch to redline and RP synthetic filter?
      Any opinions on tonneaus ? Sick of backflip bs and poor customer service.
      Thanks for all your posts and great knowledge-
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      2. Burla
        You are in warranty and if it isn't broke so maybe not fix it. 5w30 PUP is very close in viscosity and except for the invoice there is no way to do an analysis and tell them apart at the end of a run. Go to parts store buy a couple oil changes worth, copy invoice, and swap weight.

        I am a dirty monkey, so I'm not a big tonneaus guy, the only one I'd mess with is a linex'd diamond back.
        Apr 3, 2019
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    2. Tom Slick
      Tom Slick
      Burla: OK, where do you get the MD sealing tape that you so kindly showed me in your reply to my thread I posted ? So far ( knock on wood ) I have NO interior damage or water marks in/on my headliner. Maybe because I got right on drying up the seat & headliner as soon as I noticed it & duck-taped the hell outta EVERYTHING on the roof & 3rd brake light. Thanx. Tom Slick
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      2. Burla
        this was the exact product I bought off amazon. it is the 1033

        M-D Building Products 1033 All-Climate Auto and Marine Weatherstrip -inchAll-inch Strip, 10 Feet, Black
        May 4, 2018
    3. fastf
      Hey Yoda i want to thank you for your advise in the forum .Some of these people are little smart asses and act like they know something and don't know squat.That JerseyStyle is one he trys to start stuff.Once again thanks for advise we need more people like you.
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    4. Burla
      Either way would be great, Amsoil SS is a great oil. Adding Redline will increase the Moly count and esters. If it were me and I was going with Amsoil SS, I would just put all Amsoil SS. If by chance you end up with hemi tick, then go all Redline. And I really like Royal Purple filters. The nice thing is Amsoil SS is the longest oil change interval that I know of. So anything up to 20k miles a year, you do not have to change that oil but once a year with a RP filter. However, as a safety move and for your own records, it would be nice to get an oil kit from Blackstone labs and do at least one oil test at the end of your interval. They send you the kit for free, then you send a check with 35 bucks and they give you an oil analysis with TBN, most important get the tbn! Up to you, peace B
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    5. Niveko
      Hi Burla, I am new to the forums but I have done extensive reading so far and you seem to be the guy to go to for oil advice.

      I am considering Amsoil SS OW20 (Canadian climates) for extended intervals with a RP filter, but was wondering if I mixed in a quart of Redline 0W20 if that would be acceptable?
    6. Burla
      Don't be surprised I like you Rocket.

      ,,Or maybe I just like your Avatar. :pedobear:
    7. rocket
      dude, you liked all my posts on the syn oil thread, I guess thanks are in order. peace. Happy New year!!
    8. Klaus96
      What's the beat method for adding this RMI-25? I took the radiator cap off and it's up to the top. I would've thought there would be enough volume space to add 8 oz....
    9. StoneRam
      I know you know your stuff about engine oil but as my truck is reaching 15K I am thinking of the other fluids that need to be changed. I went with redline oil for my engine but what about the diff fluid? Redline there? I know that the rear is due but do you think I should change the front as well? Thanks
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    10. bskl76
      No prob, was reading a thread & u mentioned living in sb Cali. I went to Sbcc & lived there 15 years. Thought tht was cool.
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