front drivers side wheel not dis-engaging

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Mar 23, 2014
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hello! first post on this forum and its in desperation! need some advise

2008 dodge ram 1500 hemi 5.7 4x4 automatic.
first a little bit of history on the truck. 1 year ago i took a crown victory head on at 55kph(old crazy guy never should have had a license in his condition but that another topic.) the front drivers side took the brunt of the blow. Ended up being $11 000 in damages. long story short i think most of that insurance money ended up in the body shop onwers pocket and not in repairs or parts.

fast forward to 10 months later getting back into 4x4 season. i was noticing that the 4x4 was not dis-engaging properly. but if i reversed a few feet everything would dis-engage and be fine. then through the winter if road driving in 4x4 in the snow i noticed a hum coming from the front drivers side when the motor was under a load and i gave it gas. like when going up a hill and u push the pedal down to maintain speed.

then around the same time started to get a whomp whomp whomp while driving in 2x4 on the highway. So i put it on the hoist and took the tire off to get to the bottom of the whomping noise. figured it was just out of balance.
so this is where it started to get expencive. first the rim its self was bent pounded it out pretty good then switched for a rear tire.(im guessing accident related) then theouter tie-rod was shot so i replaced that. brake caliper was seized on could barely spin the wheel by hand.replaced caliper and rotor. whee bearing was bad 1/4 inch of play on the wheel. replaced it!
axle inner cv joint had a 1/8 of slop in it and the whole axle wobbled so much with truck in gear on hoist that it was shaking the motor. and i could not spin the tire in neutral. when i tried to spin the tire by hand it trys to spin the drive shaft as well. so i replaced the axle as well just to eliminate any problems there. the sub shaft splines all seamed fine in the diff and axle end. i put it all back together and every thing seamed fine again i could spin the tire by hand. I drove about 200km's the i noticed a hum up there again in the drivers side front:sad72:

so i just got home put it back on the hoist and when the truck is in neutral i cant spin the front drivers side wheel again. it wants to spin the drive shaft as well. so now im back to square one! so everything is brand new from the tire to the diff. i can hear the loud clicking in the diff when i turn the 4x4 switch on and off. so i dont think its a vacuum line. so thats the end of my knowledge. willing to learn if anyone has any ideas where to start next!!

i forgot to mention that i tried reversing but it does not dis-engage the front wheel either

thanks for any help you can provide


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Aug 5, 2013
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Sounds like that accident did a bit more lasting damage than originally thought. Even if you hear the clicking when engaging and disengaging 4wd the actual mechanism inside may be sticking, or stuck. Might want to tear down the pumpkin and check too see if that is the case. Replace the engagement mechanism if it even looks good.

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