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Apr 6, 2020 at 10:53 AM
Jan 2, 2019
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Nov 2, 1988 (Age: 31)

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Senior Member, Male, 31, from Canada

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[On Tapatalk]Viewing forum list, Apr 6, 2020 at 10:53 AM
    1. Hambone17311
      Hey Brandon-W, I am very interested in your 44-44 T-case lock solution. can you send info and how to obtain this switch?
    2. ecojay
      Hi Brandon, I'd like to get your transfer case lock switch solution for my 2016 Laramie. Can you tell me how to proceed? And what does it cost.
    3. JB007Rules
    4. JB007Rules

      I would like to purchase a BW44-44 Transfer case switch from you. I sent you a PM.
    5. Foldback
      Hi Brandon
      I’m very interested in getting a switch, right now my 2011 big horn is stuck on a small hill with not much snow.
      Wondering if your switch would work for my truck and also wondering if you could make me one and how much you would like.

    6. Logan88
      Hey Brandon,

      I am interested in purchasing one of your transfer case lock switch. 2015 Ram 1500 Laramie. Let me know how I can place an order.
    7. Taylor513
      Hey Brandon, I'm interested in your T- Case wiring harness, if you could message me, when ever you have some time, no rush I'd appreciate it. Thank you
    8. scott lass 18
      scott lass 18
      well fingers cross I read a guy hand temp switch go bad so unplug made sure ok ran engine to 195 then I cleared codes ! been doing when cold and light comes on ! well this morning no codes drove to town and back still no codes soooo crazy had engine warmed up and then clear codes never had that happen ? so hope my new year keeps going better ! have a happy new year thanks for ur help ok ! scott
    9. scott lass 18
      scott lass 18
      thank god no ticking just regular sound on lifters ! just lost on what to do there is a fuel sys1 ol not ready on cl not sure what that is on code reader > allso says sys2 ol-not ready on cl was on one page on reader ! should I try a coil ? just cant spend money in a shop ya know ?
      1. scott lass 18
        scott lass 18
        hi mine was a fuel injector went bad and one exhaust manifold warped .018 ! did do plugs and a coil still was on vacuum 20 good and sounded like injector were ok but guess wasn't he put on 3 and switch it coded went 3 so was bad sucks ! sad thing in california emission up date went from 11 to 8.5 mpg that's just not right dodge did that I ask not too ! cuz pass smog in dec.
        Feb 24, 2020
    10. Billy bond
      Billy bond
      Hey Brandon, I have been reading about your t-case switch and I am Very interested. I have a 2011 ram 1500 5.7 with the BW 44-44 that I recently purchased for snow plowing. Reading all the posts now I realize my choice of truck may not have been the best, but I own it and have to make it work. I cant find a link to buy this switch. Please advise and does it come with detailed instructions. Thank you, Bill
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