Massive electrical issue 2006 automatic

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Nov 4, 2023
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New jersey
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common rail 5.9
I own a 2006 dodge ram 2500 SLT 5.9 cummins auto with electric 4x4. To make a long story short, 24 volts got put the the battery. The truck made it ¼ mile down the road, gauges started going crazy, heard a pop behind the dash with smoke coming out of the vents(blew the head unit), truck died right there with odometer reading “nofuse” indicative of ECM fuse being blown. My thought process behind this was the 24 volts fried the regulator in the alternator causing it to overcharge and blow head unit and ECM(going down the road at about 17 volts on the gauge). Towed truck home and began diagnosing. ECM fuse would blow the second the pins in the ECM connector would make contact. Checked continuity to ground on all wires going into ECM, verified that the wires with continuity to ground were supposed to, using a wiring schematic. Determined it was an internal short in the ECM. Ordered a new ECM programmed to my VIN from Flagship One. Installed new ECM and connected everything back, truck started at this point and did not blow ECM fuse. The gauge cluster was not working though, only had fuel level gauge and battery voltage gauge reading, tach speedometer oil pressure and coolant temp gauge were dead. Ordered a working gauge cluster and installed that with only the same results. OBDII port would not read as well. The common power wire between gauge cluster, overhead display, OBDII port, head unit, and security module was the gray with red stripe A114 wire, which goes through fuse 11 in the fusebox/TIPM. Chased wire out and checked continuity to ground and resistance from every terminating point of the wire, everything checked out. Determined it must be the TIPM. Ordered and installed new TIPM programmed to VIN. Gauge cluster now worked except for speedometer(ABS light and brake warning light illuminated on dash) OBDII port also reads now without issue. Truck runs and drives at the moment. It seems to almost have a misfire at idle, seems sluggish, transmission shifts much worse than before(its a dodge, trans is on its way out but it is a noticeable downgrade). When first started it idles about 750-800RPM(normal), after driving it and getting it hot it then idles around 1000RPM. Temperature gauge/sensor also has some sort of issue, if I drive the truck around, get it up to 210 degrees and then I really lay into the gas under good load I watch that temp gauge climb to the pin, in a matter of seconds, truck has plenty of coolant, no blockages, never had this issue previously. Key FOB does not lock or unlock the truck anymore, truck does not lock from the door panel but does unlock from the door panel. I have been in contact with Flagship One regarding the ECM potentially being programmed wrong. Looking for any advice or opinions on the matter at hand. Thank you in advance!