New Guy From Missouri

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Dec 11, 2023
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NW Missouri
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Hello Y'all,

I am new to RAM. I came from a laundry list of GM vehicles ranging from Impala to the 16 Denali Duramax. I purchased a 2019 Ram 1500 end of August. Here are what's going on. I will tell you it's far better than owning a Silverado with Trans/Torque Converter issues.

1st issue: Exhaust manifold (left side). Dealer is dancing around and not giving me any answers on whether they are replacing the whole manifold or if its studs.

Resolve?: What have you all done? I was mentioned doing shorty or long tube headers if manifolds were trashed. I considered it but warranty is covering it this time.

2nd issue: Fuel tank level sensor. Sometimes when I fill my truck up, the gauge only shows up to 3/4 tank. I reached out to the dealer since I have not owned this that long and obviously, I didn't cause this issue. Wanted to see if they could cover this repair. Nope and they showed me a $165 diagnostic fee and $600 Fuel pump bill. This did not cover any labor.

Resolve?: Could I just buy the sensor? What is the part number? Could I clean up the sensor for it to read better? I considered doing the 33-gallon tank swap but with today's prices, $1,400 is kind of steep at the moment.

So far I am loving this truck. It came with a 3.5 ready lift and 35's. I have since swapped out the ugly wheels and 35's for 33's and fuel assault. I also done the resonator and muffler delete with the MBRP kit.