The ghost in the machine

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Mar 4, 2022
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Cummins Diesel
Yesterday morning at 7:25 the alarm in my 2022 diesel 4X4 2500 Ram started honking and did not stop until it decided to stop. We live in a semi-rural area with a long circular driveway with virtually no pedestrian traffic (there are no sidewalks) and we live across the street from a farm that raises alfalfa and sheep.

When I came outside the truck was still locked, the slide out step was still extended and the horn was sounding. I tried using the fob and could not stop it. I tried starting the truck which did not stop it. I tried turning off the truck, which did not stop it. The alarm probably sounded for about two minutes before it shut off.

I did not get the email notification from the Ram mother ship until hours after the event. I do have a Karr alarm system which came pre-installed in the vehicle when I purchased it from the dealer in Las Vegas.

Anyone have any suggestions? I don't look forward to this happening again, in the middle of the night, when I am up on the mountain trying to sleep the night before a hunt.