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Feb 14, 2020
Feb 3, 2015
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Feb 14, 2020
    1. Sinistre1
      Quick question please.... what brand/ model front bumper is that?
      1. Drummin4jc
        It’s a Westin Contour Bull Bar.
        Apr 16, 2019
    2. Rzrman328
      Ya, they're bi-xenon so you'll have the single bulb with the solenoid shield that drops when you turn the highs on. Retroshop supplied the adapters with the hid kit when I ordered mine. My projectors(the solenoid) had to be hard wired to that adaptor in order for it to work with the highs. I do not know for sure if it is the same way if you order the morimyouto mini h1's. May want to contact the supplier to make sure before you order.
    3. Rzrman328
      They are HID's. They're actually a set from retroshop ($180ish) I believe. The projectors I got off amazon for like $30. This was my first retrofit and didn't wanna drop a bunch of money if it didn't workout. They have been awesome so far given they're from Amazon. If I were to reccomend someone going into it, I would say just go for the morimoto projectors. It's one of those mods you should only be doing one time.
    4. PDXRam
      Thanks man. Heard from my contact he has got a good experience with Pro Comp lifts and I think that might be an option. Just had the painted Bushwackers put on and it looks bomb.
    5. PDXRam
      Hey man!

      Been following your build and first of all your truck is a piece of art. Thought I would ask for some help and advice from you if you don't mind. Ordered Fuel Boosts 18x9 -12 offset and I have a few thoughts in mind. Same steps as you (when they are available for my truck, 16) Magnum RTs and also some fender flares. Now did you have to trim at all to get the steps and flares to both fit?
      I'm looking at the Bushwacker painted ones but my truck is Brilliant Black Crystal Pearl coat and the prepainted ones only comes in straight black or some kind of golden black style, what would you think is my best bet?

      And when it comes to a lift, I got a level kit on. Been going back and forth between staying leveled, lifting 4", lifting 6" (I run 35" tires). I'm curious of how much a lift at all would effect my gas mileage, and if looking at a 4" lift what do you think I should go with, to stay with high quality but still affordable!

      Looking forward for a response, thanks a lot!
    6. DRkNESS
      I'm looking to switch it up with another one that I've found. :)
    7. ScarRAM
      Hey there. Do you still have the leveling spacers?
    8. Bighorn 4 Life
    9. Bighorn 4 Life
      Bighorn 4 Life
      I have 20x12 -44 Sorry just now seen this.
    10. JimsRamTruck2012
      Hey I saw you are in Southern PA. How close to Philly are you? I'm about 90 minutes north of Philly.
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