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    1. Robert Camp
      Robert Camp
      Just installed my AKKON LED taillights to my truck that has factory Led Lights Taillight Assembly and now it is throwing a code and my interior blinker lights are blinking real fast, but everything works on the outside, what do i do.
    2. 427invader
      Would you please move my thread "Caliper Covers & Wheel Help Please." from the 4th Gen. pages to the 3rd Gen. section please. Still keep it under exterior though. I accidentally ran it in the wrong section. Thank You Much!
    3. Joshuavoirol
      I'm interested in a 6" super lift for 2011 Dodge Ram 1500 longhorn crew cab what kinda price can u get?
    4. Schmidty
      Hey pal, saw a picture of your truck and it looks great, quick question for ya though: I just got the Carr deluxe light bar and it seems very high to me when I mock it up. Is your light bar the deluxe or the low profile? Thanks in advance!
    5. Papa Steve
      Papa Steve
      Hi, I have a regular cab 2004 off road 4x4 model. It is an AWD model. Do you still have lift kits for the AWD models? If so please send information to [email protected] Thank you, Steve
    6. Mud demon
      Mud demon
      Hey what's up I'm new to the forum.. I just put a 5 inch lift on my truck with 35s but they rub and I'm just going to get new rims with better back spacing.. Should I got steel or aluminum?
    7. hunter1239
      hey man I gotta question for ya, im ran across another thread with ur 01 two tone red an black cummins. im really likeing the wheels an tires you have on it what are they?
      thanks tommy
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