3.0l diesel

  1. E

    Please Help! 3.0 Eco Diesel Engine Failure

    I manage the vehicles for my concrete construction company here in Florida. We have a 2017 Ram Eco Diesel Laramie. 58k miles, Dealer maintained, no towing, and no modifications. Two weeks ago (8-7-23) we brought it to the dealership. The truck was shaking and making noises and a noticeable loss...
  2. Fookenmonkey

    PLEASE HELP! 2015 Ram EcoDiesel, Dealer Says Low Fuel Pressure after HPFP.

    Hello everyone got a big problem that should’ve been solved by now. I’m gonna tell you from the beginning I bought a 2015 Ram EcoDiesel back in Sept. 2020 and it broke down in Oct. 2020. It has 79,*** miles on it. Had the truck for 3 weeks and I stomped on the fuel pedal for some get up and go...
  3. WJEngle

    2015 3.0L Diesel Post-replacement Problem

    My 2015 3.0L Diesel was a great engine up until the moment it catastrophically failed at 72,550 miles on March 30. Cranked and ran fine that morning. That afternoon it barely cranked, could not rev and showed no oil pressure. Much to FCA's credit, they replaced the engine. However, I now...