1. S

    Ram 2023 Regear help

    Hey Guys! i just purchased a 2023 2500 ram limited and am in the process of installing an AEV lift on it. i have purchase 38.5" tires to go with the lift. im assuming i need to re gear given how big the tires are. having tons of trouble finding the right measurements for the rear. are 2023...
  2. B

    New to the Eco Diesel. Wheel question.

    I just bought my first truck. A Ram 1500 EcoDiesel Laramie. It's on Air suspension and stock 20x9 wheels. I want to buy these AEV wheels (18x8.5) with BFG KO2s for winter and offroad. Will these wheels work (The offset is different i believe) and what size tire should I put on them to fit...
  3. Harley1200

    1500 - 37s and 4 inch or less lift Q&A + Pics

    Anyone have experience or pics of 37 inch tires with a 4 inch or less lift? I won't be driving this every day and want capability for some off-roading. I'm set on going with 37s, for more clearance, and want minimal lift height. I'll use an aftermarket bumper to allow for clearance (probably...
  4. MK96

    Where to shop for AEV front bumper and BORA wheel spacers?

    Hi guys! Do you have any preferred vendor here to shop for an AEV front bumper and 2" BORA wheel spacers for my 2011 RAM 1500? Any advice here or by PM appreciated!
  5. JB1

    AEV Switch Pod installed

    Over the year I started adding more and more electrical items to my truck so I decided to add the AEV 6 position switch pod part number 30601000AA to the dash. I designed a schematic, ran it by @IRSmart a few times to check my plan and started ordering the parts...
  6. scubasteege

    AEV Mesa Wheels Finally on my 1500 Sport!

    I've been waiting to post this for a while now. I purchased the AEV Mesa wheels the moment they were available but then had to wait to get tires. I ended up going with LT275/70r18 BFG Ko2's that measure to about 33 inches tall. I bought my truck used and it was already leveled before I got it so...
  7. xdamageincx

    AEV vs. DOR

    Hello folks, been gone for awhile- moved to CT and am finally settled in. I was going to get a DOR 2" LA lift installed on my truck when I was in WV but ran out of time and moved. Now I am looking at the lift- almost $5K with all of the goodies from DOR and it looks solid. Today I saw a...