brake fluid

  1. Dilligaf-23

    Best brake fluid to use?

    I'm needing to flush my brake fluid and was wondering what the best fluid to use on a 16 ram 1500. I drive hard and fast so want something that lasts.
  2. S

    Rear brake line wierdness

    I've just finished replacing the rear drum brakes on my '01 2500 Cummins RWD and went to bleed them. Oddly, no matter how many pumps on the brakes, no fluid was coming out of the bleeder valves. The reservoir is filled with new brake fluid, and while my buddy pumped the brakes, I could see a...
  3. I

    Rear caliper

    We bought a 2021 Ram Built to Serve less than a month ago. Brake light came on Thursday. Dealership says rear caliper broken. My question is how does this happen? ALSO, we are in Texas and as you know it has been cold AF the past week.
  4. L

    Liquid and powder substance under passenger side

    This morning I went out to my truck (2018 Ram 2500 with 6.7 Cummins) and noticed two spots of fluid on the ground under the passengers side. after further inspection the left spot is a clear liquid, slightly oily. I’m thinking brake fluid. Definitely not ac the truck hadn’t been ran in about 8...
  5. Josh610

    2016 soft Breaks

    I have a 2016 ecodiesel that has a soft break pedal. last 30% dose all the breaking. I have bleed the system a few times and i don't think it has changed a bit. with the truck off u can have and hold a hard stiff pedal till u start it? any ideas what this might be?
  6. NY Andrew

    ALL Fluids for 5.7L 8-Speed 1500

    Trying to compile a "Master List" of all fluids required for my 2018 5.7L Hemi 8-Speed 1500. I do have Mopar Lifetime Warranty, but knowing how warranty's go and in hopes to avoid any issues for many years as I'd like to have this for 20+ years I'm going to do much preventative maintenance on my...