46re keep on slippin slippin til u sittin sittin... still

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Mar 4, 2024
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Whats up guys figured I'd wing this out in the road right next to hurled back talking no short term memory sneaky bark like a dog alexa. Currently I'm a 01 1500 5.2 2wd extended which is #4 or #5 but that's not my issue. Currently and subsequently over the past monthzzz.. the 46re felt not so, ARRRGGGGGGHHHHH!! As it normally was. U know... the smash it in the street next to hahlexa with ur strong hand kind of argh. Clams on an otters belly kind of smashing cept it's like a wereotter and ur attempts to cripple this mythical beast r brushed away like crumbs in the bed. That is until one day.... many days after what u figured was the hole to the pot street rodeo just to realize that bucking bronco wasn't in the rodeo but ur own rear end. Sniffle. So after u battle the remaining spiders that weren't stomped to death by the stallion in ur diff u again hear rumors of a beast but this time as days turn to weeks ...CLACK CLACK CLANK GRIND SLAM CRUNCH CLACK CLANK!!! like a trapped animal trying to claw itself free. Unlike the beast this Animal is most certainly coming from the bell of ur 46re. Idle is good and the motor has power. The problem now is even when the motor outputs its power forward or back the power just diminishes. U might go D for 60 seconds or R for twenty five feet; everytime no matter which or how u can visibly see the tach rise same as u can feel the power leaving ur foot. Once stationary u can shut down wait a moment them restart but if u didn't "go" immediately from start u wouldn't even go the 60 seconds etc etc. Now unless I jump right into go as truck starts it goes nowhere. I only did that to get the mile or so back home initially bc it wouldn't sound good most times. Occasionally it was like normal but the normal times got fewer n fewer. Initially I figured failed converter hence the terrible sounds etc. Then by total accident after fluid n filters twice over and solenoid this sensor that I discovered a thread about that inline check valve fitting. Culprit!!!! So as I went thru steps to reach it upon draining cooler.....seemed the cooler had nothing to drain. No doubt it's that valve fitting. It was completely stuck in schmutz so I freed it tested it reinstalled but it caught up again so I removed it. Also I hosed my output from trans to get trashy fluid out and observe pump action/flow. Got both n seemingly significant flow after a few burps of not the greatest. Magic eleventeen ball said all signs point to reassemble so I did. Got around the neighborhood in what seemed adequate just to glide right back out of gear as my house came into view. Managed to get it back in driveway and repeated the whole process(es) again but really making sure I got every little bit of whatever tf is causing legions to my brain. Back to assembled and although it sounded wayyyyyy better I'm every gear with almost no whine etc and engaged gears borderline normal while on stands so I could visible see if wheels spun blah blah I attempted another test run. Made it almost out of my driveway b4 it gave me nothing. If I left it in gear and just feather peddle I'd get the littlest bit which got me back to my space but after that I had to step away for a Lil. For those who made it thru my insane rantings I was curious if this has happened to anyone else and perhaps what corrected the issue. I was all sold on tcc and had everything apart n about to pull trans when I came across the check valve post which I just about shat myself b4 reassembling everything thinking all that time it was the cruddy line. Well it was not the plugged line although all symptoms etc could b associated. I'm hoping it's not the pump but that's about the only guess I have left bc the converter if the cause of not engaging wouldn't engage at the initial startup etc etc as it did previously. At least it would initially until the plugged line caused all the fluid pumped in to back it's way out the same hose it went in. I saw pump blasting out fluid. Saw the plugged line right after and the tcc if not engaging at all wouldn't magically b totally normal intermittently n if it was I'd think it'd b making the clanking all crazy grind crunch sounds continuously like im sure was from it way back when problem began. Oh whoops I should mention I originally noticed something was up when I'd come to a stop sign n if I tried to go quick like I see there's no traffic so I'm still slightly moving braking almost to full stop n let off brake to pull right out I'd get a delay as if truck wasn't going to go and then a clunk b4 being able to drive normal. This delay got slightly longer b4 one day attempting to accelerate a little harder than an old lady truck would squeal something fierce high pitched terrible sounding and I'd let off throttle it would stop and everything would b normal again. That happened mayb 3 times b4 losing od and then to the point in D wasn't very good so I'd maury shift it and the manual shifting worked normal. That is until it slipped completely on me coming home from work one day and had me stuck w no forward gears n no reverse until rolling backwards down the hill engaged R almost like popping a clutch and I threw it into forward to get home. Same night engaging gears was unpredictable and I'd have to shut off truck once it wasn't moving n when I restarted it could get gears for a period. That was all b4 Changing fluid filter multiple times and all the electronics in on and around pan/vb. Then when figured completely remove it discovered line blockage blah blag and I have probably removed inspected all the shat twice since then which gave me movement in my driveway.. sort of. But it Def wouldn't make it down the road. Any insight or suggestions would b appreciated greatly. Funny jokes or sarcastic dickery also welcomed. My tailgate had read many things like ODGE: Got D? Or MISSING a Lil D. If seen please call just the tip line. So I'm not opposed to a good laugh...(I should've had it say that after the 'Lil D' part) even if it's dumb Funny or sarcastic. Front of my truck used to display ; Insert deer here. After hitting a deer n it left the imprint of course. Anyway I'd very much like to get my truck back up n running so I can gets back to the joke I call a life. Thanks in advance for any n all whom can help. I really do appreciate it... well, I will really appreciate it