Can I replace the start button on a 2021 Rebel with a key operated switch

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Dec 1, 2022
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So. California
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5.7L Hemi
About 2 week ago I finally picked up a 2021 Ram Rebel. I've been looking for the right Rebel for about a year now and finally found a nice clean low milage Rebel that I really like. It is replacing my 99 Ram 2500 V10 4X4.

The only things that I'm not sold on and would like some advice on are:
1) The push button start on the dash. (can I switch over to an OE key switch ignition?) So far, I haven't found any info on replacing the push button start.)
2) The dial on the dash to switch gears. (It seems I can get the console shift components used on the GT model Rebel to get rid of the dial on the dash.)

Any suggestion or input on either subject would be greatly appreciated as I am a newby trying to learn about the 5th Gen Ram!!!!

I apologize if this has already been covered and I just failed to find it here on the forum!

Thanks for the help!!