Code P2493 EGR Bypass Valve ??

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Nov 7, 2023
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Any help would be appreciated.

I have a 2016 Ram 6.7, 247K and I am throwing a P2493 code that I cannot resolve. I have had minimal issues with the truck. I have searched everywhere on the web for answers but there is limited information for 6.7 with a P2393 code.
Recent Issue: Loss of power on acceleration. I took it to my dealer (12 years of service my truck, and practically like family) for the loss of power, and the EGR system was carbon-caked restricting airflow in the crossover pipe between the EGR bypass valve, and the EGR valve. I was able to see it at the dealer and gave my two cents about how I hate the EGR system. I do not have the cash at the moment to do an EGR delete, and in California, it would be a pain to put the EGR back on every two years to pass smog.

The MAP sensor was also carboned up and replaced.

The second issue they found was a bad turbo actuator, thinking it was overworked from a restricted system. They tested the actuator and then replaced it. I was able to inspect the turbo when they had the pipe open. The actuator arm was butter smooth to turn and the veins moved in and out with no resistance. There was only a dusting of carbon on the veins, and the turbo had no play in the shaft and turned butter smooth. I was told that because I drive with the exhaust brake always on it is good for the turbo working it to keep the carbon out in addition I have seen others taking about it being good to always use the exhaust brake.

They removed the EGR cooler, bypass valve, valve, and crossover pipe and polish-cleaned everything. They also pressure-tested the EGR cooler and it was fine, with no bubbles when at 40 PSI when submerged.

All other systems checked out and truck was returned in great working order. I had to painfully chunk out a few grand and thought about the delete kit, but the work was done and the tuck was working perfectly. I was able to drive the truck about 4K miles and a couple of months later the P2493 code appeared.

Now with the code, I decided it must be the bypass valve or the EGR valve….

1. I pulled the EGR valve off, and replaced it with another working one, no change. Inspecting the valve it was perfectly clean and the solenoid was good.

2. I pulled the cross-over tube – it was clean, inspected the EGR bypass valve, and it was clean. The double two internal dual gate valves operate smoothly like new. There is no horizontal play in the shaft to cause potential binding, I thought a carbon chunk might be there.

3. I then replaced the actuator solenoid motor on the EGR bypass valve thinking that could be the culprit. I opened it and inspected it, all the gears were good and it was clean inside. No parts fell out. I went ahead and put another working actuator motor on, and after bolting everything together, and hooking up the harness plugs, it threw the P2493 I witnessed the pulley immediately turn at start-up, and in idle after a few minutes it threw the code again. All the harness plugs were in perfect shape and clean contacts were like new.

I will mostly get the code thrown in the first 5 minutes of driving sometimes after a couple hours of drive. The truck does 300-mile freeway trips constantly, with very little around-town driving.

With two verified working components, sensors clean, and now I am at a loss to troubleshoot this myself.

The way I feel right now I want to put two chrome exhaust stacks in the bed, delete the EGR, and roll coal at the local EPA office. This system destroys my mileage and wallet.

Any ideas on how to chase this Gremlin would be appreciated…..Thanks for any help.