Mark Dodge Just Got More Interesting: $9K-$14K off 1500 Orders

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Jan 31, 2023
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Mark Dodge CDJR
Well this escalated quickly! New SOLD ORDER discounting from Mark Dodge on most '25 Model Year Ram 1500 5th Gens for orders placed starting in June 2024

These new discounts are on ALL 1500 5th Gens (DT) except the RHO which has its own set of discounts I'm sure you've seen.
Instock trucks will continue to be discounted extremely well, but will be more adaptable to rebates/inventory levels.

This is DEALER DISCOUNT only, not counting your rebates!


MSRP Under $55K = $9K OFF
MSRP $55K-$65k = $10K Off
MSRP $65k-$75k = $11K Off
MSRP $75k-85k = $12K Off
MSRP $85k-$90k = $13K Off
MSRP $90k + $14K Off

All orders subject to $1K non-refundable deposit, $425 Doc Fee, and $4 temp tags

Military or first responder? STACK THEM on top of our dealer discount too!
Affiliate discount? Great! Another 1% off your sale price once validated at time of delivery (must be active 30 days prior to your 'rebate date')

How to get your quote
First, go to and to the build & price, and configure your dreamy set of wheels.
Once you have your build all set up, on the top right you'll see your net price. Click the small letter I in that area, and it will open up a window showing you a summary of the base vehicle price, plus all added features, destination fee, and some rebates (which may or may not be the ones we actually want to use). You can screenshot that window and send it to [email protected]
Please include your zip code so we can check for your rebates too!

How to order
Once you and we've settled on your final build spec’s, I’ll send you another link where we can gather images of your drivers license and screen shot of credit score.
Then, we’ll get on the phone together and go over the build line by line – ensuring once again that it’s all perfect.
I’ll actually order the vehicle while we’re on the phone

Shortly after, you’ll receive documents showing that the vehicle has been ordered, all of the details of how it was ordered, and documents to sign confirming your price. It’s all digital signing!
Last, you’ll execute a $1000 non-refundable deposit, which goes towards the purchase of the vehicle (reflected on buyers order as a credit)

It’s all as simple as that! We don’t have any other surprise hidden fees, required add-ons or markups, nitrogen tires, everlasting gobstoppers, etc.
Just clean and simple getting you what you want at the most efficient price and process that we can.
The only increases to your price would be your own state’s taxes & registration/title – but we can handle all of that for you in the end.

Then of course, getting the vehicle to you – or getting you to the vehicle.
If you’re going to be within 250 miles of the dealership, we can come and get you, or bring the vehicle to you – no charge for that.
For further distances, we can coordinate the shipping entirely for you, and you simply pay the carrier in your driveway.

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