*New Rebates* on 2024 HD orders

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Jan 31, 2023
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Mark Dodge CDJR
Afternoon everyone!

Just logged in this morning to see two new rebates that have been expanded to 2024 MY HD trucks from RAM.
Confirmed with the incentives office that these ARE lockable incentives, meaning they would be protected along with your agreed purchase price when placing a sold order.
Available nationally, they are:
- Commercial Truck Season -$1,000 (Not applicable to Cab & Chassis orders)
- Bonus Cash -$500 (applicable to all 2500/3500 orders)

As a refresher our sold orders for HD trucks right now are discounted 11% (dealer discount) before the rebates listed above

On a $85,000 MSRP HD
-$9,350 Dealer Discount
-$1,000 Commercial truck Season
- $500 Bonus Cash
Total $74,150 (12.75% off) before Fees & Taxes
(Our fees are only the $425 Doc Fee and $4 Temp Tags)

A word on affiliate - this IS STACKABLE with affiliate, but to ensure that you're capturing the "today" rebates, your affiliate must have already been active for minimum 30 days before ordering, otherwise it is only available at the time of delivery, not today's date.
Cannot predict if they are going to keep renewing those rebates from one month to the next, so I just have to clarify that. For Mark Dodge, our affiliate discount on trucks is another 1% off our MARK DODGE PRICE (price after dealer discount) because we're already well below the normal affiliate preferred price guaranteed by the prorgam.

First responder and military is also still stackable with the aforementioned, for another $500 if valid.

As always, any questions please don't hesitate to reach out to me here on the forum or by email at [email protected]


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Dec 29, 2021
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1997, now 2024
V-10, now 6.4l Hemi
I just took delivery of my 2024 Ram 3500 Big Horn, which I ordered back in the latter half of June. Happy Customer ! Anthony was extremely helpful throughout the process and all of the rebates / incentives / bonuses that were mentioned above, were applied to my purchase - all there, without having to ask for them! I drove my trade-in over, and they took it on the spot at the tentative pre-agreed price, checked me out on the new vehicle, answered all the questions I could think of, and I was on my way back to Texas. Mark Dodge has been a great experience and Anthony has been a ton of help, throughout the process!