Aftermarket Gauges Resetting

Discussion in '5.9 Common Rail' started by paulturner911, Aug 25, 2015.

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    2004 Dodge Ram 2500
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    I have had a glowshift triple pillar in this truck since I bought it. I had to replace the probe for EGT immediately as it was stuck on 1500 after test sweeping. Fixed

    Now I am having an issue with the 2 electronic gauges resetting every time I turn the key. I think maybe starter draw dropping voltage below 12v when cranking the engine. This is causing the memory to reset and the color then defaults.

    Here is the odd thing, the EGT gauge picks up the sending unit fine and functions correctly, the trans temp does not pick back up and stays at 100 degrees.

    If I turn the key to acc, it seems to give a true reading and does not reset until I crank the motor.

    I have had these gauges working for about 2 years, now they are on the fritz. I know glowshift arent the best, but its whats there and I cant justify replacing all 3 because we all know that would take from my tranny money :)

    Any input would be great.
    Thank you
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    you kind of answered your own question. glowshift gauges are known to crap out.

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