Rattling noise in 2 wheel

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mcagun, Feb 17, 2014.

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    Hello all.
    My mechanical abilities are limited to say the least, so please be patient.
    My 2002 slt 4x4 is based in Belize and 'Gringo's' in Belize usually get "jacked' when taking in a vehicle to a mechanic, so I would like to eliminate a few things that could be the issue that I could do myself before taking it into a mechanic.

    OK, Symtoms!
    When in 2 wheel drive there is a loud rattling noise that sounds as if it's coming from under the drivers seat under the vehicle.
    When I engage 4 wheel drive the noise disappears.

    Others have told me it could be the 'Transfer Box?'.

    Could I do regular maintenance checks on things like fluid levels in transmission or differential or transfer box ( if it does have fluid)

    Thanks in advance for any help and advise
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    Welcome to RF.

    What you need to do first off is set the parking brake, put the transmission in neutral, and slide up under the truck and try and make the front driveshaft move. If it moves laterally, (which it shouldn't) you have a u-joint problem, which is what I am leaning toward.

    You should also check to make sure nothing is close to the driveshaft or any other moving/vibrating parts. And when I say check, I mean literally LOOK at it as well as verify with your hand that nothing is touching.

    Hope this is a starting point and best of luck!

    A member by the name of Merc225hp should be on sometime today and can help you much more than I can. :)

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