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Discussion in 'Interior' started by Nabby, Feb 10, 2014.

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    I was surprised this morning when I took the truck out and my girlfriend tried to roll down her window and nothing happened. I tried the buttons on my door and neither of them worked. It really seemed to be from out of nowhere because they were all working fine last night.
    I checked the fuse block under the dash, which I hate to do, because once I pull it out, it never wants to go back up and stay there. I didn't realize the windows were on a breaker rather than a fuse, but whatever - pretty much the same thing. I didn't have any other 30A breakers around, but I have a whole pile of 30A fuses, so I popped in a fuse for testing purposes (at least if a fuse blows, I can see inside it - can't say that for a breaker) but it didn't have any effect. No window buttons worked and the fuse didn't blow. All other electrical devices are working normally.
    So now I'm stuck with only a partial understanding of the system. I think these things only have the two switch panels, a motor in each door, and a breaker with wiring in between - no other relays, fuses, etc to speak of. Does that sound right?
    I assume my next step is to test the master switch? Is it possible to take these switches out without removing the door trim? And can I do all the testing with a multimeter? I don't have a basic test light.

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