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Hi everyone, please click on our username and choose the option to send us a PM in order to reach us. Thank you - Ram Social Care Team Dec 13, 2017

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    1. Levi
      Hello .
      I took my 2019 Longhorn to the dealer for some recall work and they confirmed with FCA that the 12" satellite radio requires the "All Access" pkg from sirius xm which is a $400 pkg. Why did they do this? I have this 60K truck but can't enjoy Sirius unless i pay $400. Can you explain why FCA would do this? Is there a fix for it?
    2. bill lewis
      bill lewis
      what is a reasonable wait time for warranty work? my 16 ram 2500,5.7 4wd stuck in 4th and the check engine light came on.was running fine at the time. the dealership said it would be a week before they could look at it and probly another week to fix if everything goes well.will this be covered on my powertrain warranty and will the dealer or FCA provide me with a loaner car in the meantime?
      1. Zachary Williams
        Zachary Williams
        every time ive been to dealer ship thats about the same tyrn around time. you have to remeber those mechanics are doin several jobs everyday. seems like a while to us but in all honesty it COULD take longer. id get it in asap!!! best of luck in all your endeavors!!!
        Jun 14, 2019
    3. SafetyMan43
      You asked me to PM... I don't see a link on my mobile to do that. Having an issue getting help from my dealer
    4. Shield134
      Lydia, Ram social care specialist, commented on my thread and expressed that she would assist. I would appreciate a call to let me know what Ram intends to do to fix the issue with my truck.
    5. Austin Craft
      Austin Craft
      Recently bought a 2016 ram 5.7l Big Horn, after downloading the My Ram app and making sure that the Bluetooth software was up to date, I attempted to connect my iphone 5 to the Unconnect system (5 in screen). But when I get a phone call or attempt to play music, it is very choppy. Wondering if there is some sort of compatibility issues, or any work arounds to utilize the Bluetooth.
    6. lilliwhite
      So I had a tranny put in at 39k and change. My gas mileage went down to 11 mpg in town and 13 on the highway I tried calling my dealer for 3 months leaving messages for the service department and they NEVER call back or address this issue I now have 46k and change same crappy gas mileage as post new tranny. Can you help me? The dealer is DonK Whitefish Montana.
    7. iblearnin
      I have a 2015 Ram 2500 4wd wih the 6.4l 4.11 rear gear and the rear gear has made noise (wine) sence new have taken it back several times and get the same answer, "it is such a large ring and pinion it is going o make noise" I call B/S Can someone help me?
      1. lilliwhite
        I had a whine but they put chassis muffs on it and was at the bell housing
        Apr 29, 2019
    8. madtrucker2016
      Does anyone from RAM really care about my radio problem that is blanking out with the audio 26 times in 5 miles on a 8.4 radio on a 2016 with 13000 miles on it
    9. DENNIS7H
      As of today my 2014 Ram 2500 VIN 3C6UR5HL3EG175582has been sitting at my local dealer for 4 weeks, waiting on repair of transmission problem. The trans seems to slip on the 3-4 shift with a noticeable jump in engine rpm and to and to a lesser degree on 4-5 shift. AS of yesterday and they have no idea when the part will be in. this parts wait seems excessive since they don't know if it will fix it. Thanks
    10. kp4243
      Hi, So my 2017 Quad Cab 1500 is in pieces and has been sitting in a body shop since February. They told me there is a national backorder on replacement roofs. My question is do they make a replacement roof for the quad cab with a sunroof option? Since they are replacing the roof any ways, I would love to upgrade if any way possible.
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