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Apr 23, 2021 at 12:59 AM
Jan 21, 2016
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Senior Member, from Michigan

Hi everyone, please click on our username and choose the option to send us a PM in order to reach us. Thank you - Ram Social Care Team Dec 13, 2017

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    1. William Prescott
      William Prescott
      Hello, Just purchased my first RAM 2020 Lonestar. I love the truck however there is an issue with the volume of the radio. Problem: once volume get to 21 to 24 that is the loudest it will go. I have tried to reset radio, different method of music input and still nothing. Please advise
    2. Levi Lewis
      Levi Lewis
      Hello, my name is Levi. This is my first Ram truck, as I have just recently switched over from Ford. I usually buy a new vehicle every 2 years and this year I decided to get a Ram. I really love the truck. However I just noticed two dripping leaks coming into the cab of my truck after it was parked outside during some rain yesterday. Two steady leaks and cracks above the power window
    3. sthayn
      Hello, the uconnect radio on my 2018 Ram 3500 did an update and gave an Error 20. The radio never turned off and ultimately killed my batteries to a point that they would not recharge. Dealer said I had to buy new batteries and still waiting for a resolution on the radio. How can you help on this?
    4. theAZnut
      Hello, I have an appointment with Dolan Dodge in Reno and asked them to to the V06 Drag Link Recall as well changing the parts and NOT welding them. They said parts department would only inspect and weld or order parts based on old version of recall and that they do not just replace drag link and needed parts. If you could with getting new parts that would be awesome. 2018 Ram 2500 Mileage: 24,600 Thanks!
    5. Ramzallday
      Hello. I'm having issues with my 8.4 Uconnect on my 2014 1500 Laramie. Dealer told me that that software upgrade will likely kill my radio (as happened with my 1st) and all settings will be locked and I will be on the hook to replace. A software update killed my first while under warrantee. Clearly there's an issue with these units! Is there no process or recall for these defective units?
    6. Aaron Walston
      Aaron Walston
      Secondly, it has the 12 inch display and it will not recognize any phones plugged in (iPhones or androids). The usb 1 charges the phones, but nothing pops up on the phone or uconnect. The mirroring option is selected on the uconnect. They are waiting for another tech to look at it on Monday because they didn’t know what to do. Any suggestions?
    7. Aaron Walston
      Aaron Walston
      Hello. I bought a cert. ‘19 bighorn on Tues. and noticed the crack above the window in the back. I explained these posts online from others, but the dealership said I was the first they’ve ever seen and they didn’t want to look at the forums I offered to show them. I just want it done right and not to have just the plastic replaced. Could something be opened so the dealership knows exactly what to do?
    8. crpickett
      Purchased a 2017 RAM 1500 ST with 24k miles on 12/31. On 2/5 I took it into the RAM dealership for a U0001 High Speed Communication CAN BUS error code. They cleared the codes. At the same time I experienced a long cranking issue. Dealer cleared the codes and sent me home. As of 2/22 the dealership has had the truck, replaced the TIPM, but the intermittent crank still occurs and no root cause has been identified.
    9. NMDoug
      Update; I called UConnect again, the 27th, and they stated again that they reached out to Larry H. Miller service center in Albuquerque. But, I have not heard anything. I have a case number with Uconnect also. I now must disconnect the battery every night or the battery will be dead in the morning. The screen is also getting hot, since it will not turn off . Please help
      1. Dewey76
        Did your condition begin after a Uconnect update?
        Mar 2, 2021
    10. NMDoug
      Yes, I would appreciate your help with Uconnect. Thank you for reaching out. I have a case number with Uconnect, they stated they called and emailed the dealer but, the service advisor stated they have received any communication from them. This is a 2018 Ecodiesel
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